To Climb or not to Climb?

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I feel like a loser. Everyone around me keeps suggesting that I take a hike. But I don't wanna. I want to stay where I am at—right here in the comfort of the space I have designated as safe and castle-like, my indoor retreat, my home inside my home. I don't want to go outside and explore the big inorganic structures that grace the horizon. Although those red rocks and brown mini-mountains are breathtaking to view from a distance, they're just not all that inviting. I don't feel compelled to see them up close. I'd rather have a long distance relationship with them.

I guess I am the odd one out here. I do live in the rockiest state in the Union. I should climb. That is what people who live in Sedona and the surrounding area do for fun. They buy the equipment i.e. the sticks, the shoes, the water bottles, the backpacks, and the trail mix from New Frontiers. Then they set out for the day, usually bright and early on a weekend, and tackle one of the many designated hiking trails. Although I cannot presume to know the actual experience of the hike, I can guess what these hikers feel after their adventures. They feel proud—almost smug. They feel assured that they did a good thing. They went outdoors, took in fresh air, got some exercise, and may have even had a spiritual experience—became one with nature. They now feel alive, revived, and prepared to start a new week of work and family obligations. Unfortunately it was only a temporary fix; it must be repeated weekly. And so they look forward to their next hike. Perhaps they will explore a new trail. They may even dare to venture outside of Sedona. Perhaps they'll conquer a small mountain in Flagstaff. And the cycle repeats. Oh the futility.

And so, I confess my sin, I’m not into hiking, climbing, and conquering big hills. But put me in a boat in the ocean—any ocean will do, and I will become an explorer as well. I will leave my comfort zone. And I too will buy equipment i.e. board shorts and bikini tops, sunscreen, and sparkling wine or beer. I can navigate channels and crash through wakes and successfully dodge wave runners and knee boarders. And I too will know the feeling of being revived, refreshed, and alive. My adventure just has to be on the water not land.
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