Time to Ramble On

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Oranges are pretty good. Better whole than juiced. Juice is too concentrated. A few swallows and you've just downed 150 calories and you are still hungry and thirsty. Plus you don't get any of the fiber. Bananas are disgusting. That sticky fuzzy texture on the outside is foreshadowing for what is in store. Nothing good. Mush galore. The smell however is wonderful. Watched Parts Unknown: Tokyo last week. What is it about Japanese men that I find so appealing? The ones that look like anime characters, that is. Well, maybe that's it. Because they look like anime characters. Not all of them of course. Just the thin, man-boy ones with super cool, futuristic haircuts and palish, creamy, smooth skin. Sounds girly. It kind of is. Thinking of re-reading Moz's book again once I finish the three I am juggling now. Too much culture; not enough time. Speaking of time. Several people have made it quite clear to me recently that I spend too much time here, on Solo. They don't approve for various reasons. They are making moral judgements. What shall they have me doing instead? Jogging? Volunteering? Watching television? Baking cookies? Working sixty hours a week? Playing Susie homemaker? Truth is, they are right to a certain degree. I could be doing other things with a greater payoff. And I will. Am I hurting anyone? I hope not. I am sure there are worse ways to spend time. In fact, I know there are. Wouldn't it suck to have to spend eight hours a day gathering water and food just to survive? We have a lot of leisure time. Nothing wrong with that. If the goal is to maximize happiness and reduce suffering--my own--then I will play online and not gather water and root veggies, thanks. Leave that shit to the martyrs and those who have no other options. I have options. These are postmodern times and I am a postmodern girl. Why do we assign moral value to every action? It's crazy, I tell ya. Live and let live. Easier said then done. Only in a perfect world. Which I have absolutely no aspirations in creating. Not an activist at all. Apparently some are though. Found a flyer in the seal of my front door when I came home this afternoon, put there by an evangelical Jehovah's Witness. It doesn't bother this atheist. I think they really believe in their hearts that they are doing a good thing. They want me to be happy and reach salvation. Too bad it's all a delusion and they can't see it. Delusions. Is this one or is everyone else noticing Barking's blog appears, then disappears? Is it just me? I don't think so. Blogs. Read two old school journals in the Solo archives over this last weekend. One of them belongs to an active user who posts under a new user name. Would never have guessed they were the same people. Ah but people change, grown, reinvent themselves. Nothing wrong with that. People are fascinating. They really are. Does MSNBC have the most annoying pundits ever? Yes it does. Rachel Maddow is on a soapbox non-stop. Does she ever come up for air? Chris Hayes--what a wimpy, self-hating, white liberal if there ever was one. Oh wait, forgot about Chomsky. Conservative pundits are just as annoying, of course. What happened to the moderate voice? TV sucks. Never have been a big fan of the medium. But admittedly, there are a few diamonds in the rough. I miss Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. I cried at the end of both shows. I am a softie. I know that is hard to believe. But under this hard shell there is a soft center. That's all folks.
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