The World is a Little Less Wonderful Without You

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December 15th, 2012 is the one year anniversary of my beloved Christopher Hitchens' death. Christopher was my intellectual hero. He was a brave, highly intelligent, articulate, charming, witty, and gracious fellow atheist. Although he had his detractors, he was greatly admired by many and respected by most.

It has been a year since Hitch last spoke, wrote, laughed... held court. I miss reading his latest polemical essays in Vanity Fair and other publications. I have countless books on my Kindle, old articles on the Net, and YouTube videos to keep me Hitch-filled. But admittedly, I feel a void, as I am certain many others do. We want Hitchens to be alive. Now. In person. Such a loss--this brilliant mind. Too bad it could not have been preserved for eternity. In the future when as is well, intelligence preservation may be possible. And I am certain Hitch would have approved and been the first in line to volunteer his gray matter to the cause.

Hitch was a pioneer both in his political views--fighting for the liberation of the Kurds at a time when their cries fell on deaf ears, and a militant, courageous anti-theist--championing the atheist cause wherever and whenever possible.

Nobody did it better. And sadly I believe, nobody will, in my lifetime anyhow.

We will meet up again, if only as, wind in the dust.
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