Spiritual but not Religious

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Be forewarned, this is gonna come off as mean and bitchy.

When I hear someone declare that s/he is spiritual but not religious, my eyes roll a bit--OK they spin fast. This is how that statement translates to an atheist: You are choosing to sugarcoat your irrational belief system. You find your position to be a reasonable, enlightened, and liberating stance against organized religion which you think is antiquated, paternalistic, and sexist. You don't want to have to go to church, pay a tithe, nor abstain from premarital coitus. And yet, you want to make it clear to those who may doubt your piety, that make no mistake about it, you are in fact a believer. You believe in God, a higher power, and a supernatural deity. Perhaps you even believe in a soul, karma, and an afterlife. You might even go one step further and profess than God is you and you are God. Heck, God is in everything and everywhere. (That's truly intense, btw.) You are spirituality aware. In touch. In tune. Happening. You are progressive. You are a step beyond.

Unfortunately all your wisdom fails you. For you cannot see that your claim to be spiritual but not religious is analogous to being weaned from the bottle yet still sucking your thumb.

Claiming to be "spiritual" makes you appear infantile, needy, dependent upon a father/mother figure--unable to cut the cord and mature and become a self-sufficient, freethinking adult. You aren't kidding anyone. Well, perhaps you are. Not me anyhow. To be honest, I'd respect you a helluva lot more if you said you were religious, went to church, paid a tithe, and practiced the rhythm method. At least you would be an authentic believer instead of a half-committed poseur.

Claiming to be spiritual instead of religious does not make you sound superior. All it makes you is diluted/deluded.
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