Solo's Very Own Pinocchio

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CrystalGeezer has been outed in the forum as the liar she is. I'm posting this image, as evidence. And as a reminder in case I, or anyone, should ever forget the day she bit the dust.


Thanks to Johnny Barleycorn for outing her. He is a good guy. :)

Will this public shaming make her see how badly she has been behaving and thus have her rethinking her ways?

We shall see.

Updates ~ Troll posts

It has been less than twenty-four hours. Geezer is back to her vicious ways. She is a lair, manipulative, and vindictive. I started a thread titled, Worst Dressed Thread, a few hours ago. Guess who makes the first post? Guess what she posts? A pic of my intellectual hero Christopher Hitchens. She is vile, petty, and just a horrible person.
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