Sculpt Three

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Want to learn a new party game for two players? Simple. Cheap. Easy. Creative. Fun.

My son and I invented it on Christmas Eve after we drank a few Bloody Marys.

It is called Sculpt Three.


One 3 lb tub of Crayola Dough. About $9.00 retail.


Be sure not to use clay or Play-Doh. Both of those substances leave a sticky substance on your hands and also leech color. Crayola's Dough is amazing--no residue or stain. Only drawback is it is highly fragranced--not quite fruity, not quite flowery. It is really odd. We bought the purple bucket. There are several colors to choose from. Perhaps the other ones smell better?

Also you will need some sort of timer, a pad of paper and pen to keep score, and toothpicks and other sculpting tools, if you want. You decide.


Each player gets a golf ball sized ball of Dough.


Youngest person starts first round. He or she decides to ask or be asked first. So, if my son is going first, he can ask me what to sculpt, then have me ask him what to sculpt. Or he can have me ask first, and be asked second. Make sense? For example, David asks me to sculpt an airplane. Then I ask him to sculpt a snowman.

We set the timer for three minutes. Then begin sculpting. When the time is up, both players vote for who they think made the best sculpture. You just have to be honest and try to be somewhat objective when you decide whose sculpture truly is better--perhaps it's more detailed, or prettier, or interesting, etc. The winner of that round gets to select next. And scores one point. (Best to play with a cooperative type of person. Highly competitive people can ruin the fun of this game--and pretty much all games, if you ask me.) You can play ten rounds. Or as many as you like. Person with most points wins.

It was a lot of fun with just the two of us, as we were both always making a sculpture. But, you can alter the rules. Play in pairs. Find a way to have multiple players. Make it into a drinking game--loser drinks. Anything goes.

Hope you give it a try sometime. Have fun!
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