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I’m adopting Anderson Cooper’s concept RidicuList. This week I have three things to nominate to the list of ridiculousness.

First, a man browsing books and offering an ignorant statement at the library.

At my last visit to my local library, I dropped off some books to a table outside, to be donated to anyone who would have them. There was a great deal of books there already, so I decided to take a look and see if there was anything of interest. There was. A few seconds later, two men also started browsing the books. One man asked me if there was anything good. I said, “Ya some old philosophy books. You can teach yourself philosophy—no need to go to school for it. Heck, with the Internet, you can learn almost anything on your own.” “Like Good Will Hunting,” he said. I responded, “Ya, except Will was a mathematical genius. He was born with it. I don’t think you can learn that on the net. Einstein was born that way.” He replied, “Einstein sucked at math. He was good at imagining but had other people do his math.” “What?,” I blurted out. “What about the Theory of Relativity?” He assured me, “He wasn’t really into that.” I needed to know, “Where did you hear that?” He set me straight, “Where you said, on the Internet.”

Second, folks making death threats against Casey Anthony’s jurors.

I don’t need to rehash this one, do I?

Third, Morrissey banning David Tseng from the concert in Copenhagen and all future concerts.

This is beyond ridiculous—a feeble attempt to gain power over that which he cannot and should not have control.

Morrissey is obsessively concerned about what everyone thinks and says about him. Instead of worrying himself to death over bad press and unflattering comments on fansites—things that he cannot censor—he should take the bull by the horns and keep his fans informed by posting on facebook and Twitter. This would afford him the ability to control his own publicity. But he won’t. Time has shown that he prefers to whine and play victim. He doesn’t really want to be accountable for his statements. It’s much safer and more comfortable for him to backpedal than face the music.
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