Practical and Everyday Anarchy, Anyone?

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World peace is none of your business
You must not tamper with arrangements
Work hard and sweetly pay your taxes
Never asking what for

What is Morrissey saying? Where are his ideas coming from? Russell Brand? Perhaps. But Brand is not a creator of ideas just a distributor with a comedic twist. I think the real thinker behind it all is Stephan Molyneux. I've just started reading his books which are all available for free as audiobooks or eBooks on his website. His Freedomain Radio Podcast is very popular and is touted as: The Largest Philosophy Conversation in the World.

What do Morrissey (apparently), Brand, and Banksy all have in common? Anarchy. The word “anarchy” evokes images of dangerous mobs, spiky-haired youths hurling garbage cans through Starbucks windows, and the chaos of the war of all against all. However, the word “anarchy” simply means “without rulers” - and this state of affairs is something we desperately desire and defend in so many areas of our own lives. ~ SM

Oh oh, you poor little fool
Oh oh, you fool

Remember the Brand Rant?:


Each time you vote you support the process

Stephan Molyneux addresses Brand:


I think Brand is more of an anarcho-syndicalist (think Chomsky) whereas Molyneux is an anarcho-capitalist. Morrissey? Not sure where he lies on the spectrum—if at all. While he does seem to be considering these ideas, he also calls for regulation—outlawing things like eating animals and hunting seals. Or is he just raising awareness, hoping people will change their behaviors voluntarily? If he has in fact caught the anarchist fever then surely he'll be ditching that cross one day soon, no? For one cannot truly be an anarchist and not be atheist. No gods; no masters.

Stephen Molyneux is a strong atheist. His refutation of agnosticism and belief is very good:


He has a pleasant and engaging voice. Not sure if he will ever take a place in my head and heart like Hitchens did. But I am open to letting another thinker in.

Listen to audiobooks online:

Everyday Anarchy

Practical Anarchy
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