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This will be an ongoing entry, to be updated regularly with new podcasts and audio files. My faves are noted with a ♥. Podcasts hosted by Alan Saunders noted by *. (All digital art/images are by me.)

The Existentialists:


Albert Camus (reluctant philosopher/reluctant existentialist):
Considered himself to be an absurdist rather than an existentialist, because unlike the other existentialists, he wasn't concerned with metaphysics, existence. Never believed himself a philosopher, but rather, a writer, as he was not interested in reason. Though arguably his essays and novels are philosophical and ask philosophical questions.

What are We to Make of Albert? ♥ *

Albert Camus and The Absurd ♥ *

The Outsider ♥ *

Søren Kierkegaard (father of existentialism):

Kierkegaard 200 *

Fear and Freedom *

Kierkegaard in 90 Minutes

Friedrich Nietzsche:

Nietzsche and the Will to Power ♥ *

Nietzsche in 90 Minutes

Jean-Paul Sartre:

Sartre in 90 Minutes ♥

The Enlightenment Philosophers:


David Hume:

The Life of David Hume ♥ *

Hume and God ♥ *

Hume in 90 Minutes

Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet)

Voltaire’s Novel “Candide”

Thomas Hobbes:

The Life of Mr Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury *

John Stuart Mill:

John Stuart Mill's On Liberty: 150th anniversary *

Baruch Spinoza:

Spinoza in 90 Minutes

Jean-Jacques Rousseau:

Rousseau in 90 Minutes


The State of the Enlightenment (with Sam Harris)Enlightened Eccentrics in the Age of Reason ♥ *

Thomas Paine - Christopher Hitchens Lecture (Full) ♥

Christopher Hitchens on Thomas Jefferson: Enlightenment, Nation Building, and Slavery (2005) ♥

The Idealists:


Immanuel Kant:

Kant in 90 Minutes

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel:

Hegel in 90 Minutes

Arthur Schopenhauer:

Schopenhauer in 90 Minutes

George Berkeley:

The Strange Birth of Idealism *

The Analytic Philosophers:


Ludwig Wittgenstein:

Wittgenstein in 90 Minutes ♥

Bertrand Russell:

Why I Am Not a Christian ♥ ♥

The Greeks:


Plato's Symposium (Origin of the notion of Platonic love.)

Socrates: Man and Myth

Unforgettable Speeches: the Apology of Socrates *

Moral Philosophy:



Utilitarianism ♥ * (with Peter Singer)


What is Morality? ♥ *

Morality and Restraint ♥ *

Can Science Shape Human Values? And Should It? ♥

The Moral Judgment of Psychopaths ♥ *

Martha Nussbaum - Part 1 - The Social Contract ♥ *

Martha Nussbaum Part 2: Thinking about Animals ♥ *

Eric Schwitzgebel on the Ethical Behaviour of Ethics Professors ♥

The Trials and Tribulations of Private Bradley Manning

The New Atheists:


Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry - Blasphemy [2006]

Peter Singer - Ethics Without Religion ♥

Author Challenges Faith of a 'Christian Nation' (Sam Harris)

Atheist Brigade Takes Arguments to the Tolerant



What Would Karl Marx Think? *

Marx in 90 Minutes



What Do We Know and How Do We Know We Know It? *



Let's Get Metaphysical *

Objective Truth *

Metaphysics and Epistemology



Sayyid Qutb and Islamist Ideology *

The History of Philosophy in Less Than an Hour

Pragmatism - A Very American Philosophy *

Thinking About the Lives of the Great Thinkers *

A Philosophical History of Russia *


A Romp Through the History of Philosophy From the Pre-Socratics to the Present Day

How To Be A Fashionable Philosopher ♥ *

Literature, Law and Ethics - The Case of Billy Budd *

How Many Logics? *

Christopher Hitchens: Philosophy and Drink


Michel Foucault's Madness and Civilisation: 50th anniversary *

Derrida - The Father of Deconstruction *

A Tribute to Claude Levi-Strauss *

AC Grayling: A Very Public Philosopher *

Kafka and Philosophy *


The Person Test *

Patricia Churchland on Self-control

It's All About Me, a Forum on the Philosophy of Self ♥ *

It's All About Me, the Philosophy of Self Part 2: The Quiz ♥ *

Love Potion ♥

The Hipster Philosopher

But is it Art?

Is That Really You?

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