Pet Troll

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*Update wit screenshots mid-post.
** Update 4/28/2014 near bottom of post.

Dear Pet Troll,
Who are you?


Let me ponder it while I listen to this classic.

So then... Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?

Well, who are you?
I really wanna know.
Tell me, who are you?
'Cause I really wanna know.

*4/18/2014 ~ Pet Troll is Morrithey.


Or read this post. One of his many user names...


PT hates me because my ex posted his address in the chatroom back in 2005 after he had posted our details there, contacted my ex's employer, and sent hate mail to our family members. He hates David because David allows 'fat shaming' on Solo. He wants censorship for others but not for himself. Why am I not surprised?

Pet Troll/Morrithey wanted me to think he was TBT, Viva, and Dave. Why did I not think it was Morrithey from the beginning? Because Occam's Razor. Think the obvious and simplest explanation first. Who didn't seem to like me on Solo? Who was smart enough to pull it off? Who had a motive? Who had I interacted with lately? What I forgot was that the person who had the biggest motive of all was the biggest troll in the history of Solo, who also is highly educated and intelligent and has a degree in IT. All the elements were right there.

Cat and mouse game is up. He wanted it to be up, I think. He was posting clues in the site suggestions forum.

Mystery Solved. He can continue to harass, stalk, and follow me around the forums. But now that I know who it is and even have a real life name to go with this person, he has lost his power. He really is my PET Troll now, literally.

Well, one thing we know for certain is that Pet Troll is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, of course. But he seems to have issues with 'gay shaming'. I wonder if he is in the closet about his sexual orientation IRL, like he is in the closet about his 'identity' here? Seems to be a man who likes to live in the shadows.

**Update 4/28/30. Pet Troll has been conspicuously absent from the forums for five days—ever since I outed him on 4/23. This is after he was trolling me non-stop, every single day, for over eight months. He is running sacred. He knows that I have his real name (posted in between the user name Morrithey and Lesbian Liberation in the first screenshot ^^^ above.) I have his hate emails, libelous Amazon book review which can be traced back to him, and proof he tried to hack into my Gmail account on April 21. Google now documents these things and notifies the account holder providing traceable details. It is all documented. I am sure his employer would love to hear what this git has been doing on the clock. I also have an arrest report for him.

Let's hope he is gone for good. It pays to have perseverance.
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