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This morning, I finally met my neighbor. He moved into the apartment across from me about three months ago. We both laughed and smiled as we were both opening our doors and making our exits from our apartments. Nice guy--around my age, I think. My apartment building is occupied by single, private, professionals. I really have only met two other folks so far. But to be honest, I'm glad we all keep to ourselves. It's nice and quiet and peaceful this way.

After leaving the apartment, I started driving north and saw a Kurt Cobain lookalike making his way across the street with a large, scruffy looking, unleashed dog. The guy looked just like Cobain--I'm certain that was the plan--except his hair was longer and tied back and he wasn't as grungy looking.

So then I arrived at my destination--a shop in a strip mall. A young, sweet cashier rang up my items. But she made a mistake. The line grew behind me. Only one register was open. The cashier was not able to void the mistake and had to summon the manager. The manger was a bitch--cold and cruel to both me and the cashier. She voided the mistake and walked away abruptly. All of a sudden, the poor girl began crying--almost sobbing. I felt so bad. I consoled her as best I could and told her it was not her fault--it was OK. And then I got the other patrons in line to join in. We all told her, "All is well. Nobody is upset or angry. Everyone is smiling." She looked like she was gonna be OK. I grabbed my bags and left. We have all been there haven't we? Life is so stressful and full of pressures. And we all want to be loved and valued. It is so embarrassing and painful when we think we have failed and let people down. I do hope she has a better day and that this experience is not scarring in any way for her.
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