Ode to the Semicolon

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I am not open-minded;
My brain is not elastic;
It's more like hardened plastic.

I know you must agree;
It is not difficult to see;
Denying it would be silly.

My beliefs are firmly planted;
Opinions sort of cemented;
Rarely changing over the seasons.

A paradigm shift is unlikely;
The skeptic in me prevents it;
You'll have to do some persuading.

Emotional appeals won't do;
Reason and evidence are what's needed;
Do you have what it takes to convince me?

Debate is what I love to do;
It's the platform to change convictions;
It's the time when my mind adjusts.

I'm not humble enough, I know;
But I am not too proud and stubborn;
I can see the flaws in my thinking.

Just yesterday, I dismissed the semicolon;
I said it was archaic and pretentious;
Good writers, I claimed, never use it.

But I was convinced otherwise;
I saw the errors in my perception;
Decided it was something worth embracing.

Semicolons can be effective on the page;
They alter the speed of the read;
They change the reader's pace.

So they are not overkill as I suggested;
They have their time and place;
Perhaps this poem has you convinced?
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