My Love Language

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This is my love language according to a pop psychology quiz I tool online. Iona Mink posted the link in the forums. I am not surprised at all by the results. I could have told you my type without taking the quiz.


Because I feel loved and cherished and worthy when others use words of affirmation, I am able to connect with others emotionally and intellectually online through message board interactions, emails, chatting, texting, and conversing on the phone. And this is why I am drawn to cerebral types and wordsmiths. They are so good at communicating love and affection through words. They are also good at communication hate and displeasure as well.

Those who derive love and show love through sensory touch, would feel a void if primarily connecting through just words. A guy who needs lots of hugs, cuddling, spooning, and hand holding in order to feel loved will be very unhappy and frustrated being with someone like me. We would be very mismatched. My lover/partner needs to know that when I tell him I love him, I mean it. And that just because I don't want to snuggle often, it does not mean I don't love him. We can get physical in bed, when we make love. But I need lots of personal space. And if you encroach on it too much you will start to appear as needy, desperate, and dog-like. Like a canine sticking his nose in my thigh to get my attention. This is one reason I hate dogs. They don't talk. They are all about physically connecting. They are extreme extroverts that annoy the piss out of me.
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