May Days

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So far, the movies this year have been quite dismal. Thank goodness summer is on its way so we can at least look forward to some entertaining blockbusters. I saw a preview for Snow White and the Huntsman on the big screen. The special effects look way cool. I'll definitely catch that one. As always, it won't be until the end of the year--around the time the awards season oils its gears--that the great films start to surface. Then it becomes a feast. Feast or famine appears to be the rule of thumb in the film world.

Just got off a two week Desperate Housewives binge. The series finale is next Sunday, so I had embarked on a return tour of all eight seasons. I can't begin to list the many characters that have been killed off over the years. Honestly, I can't count that high. Most deserved their fates--no losses there. But a few deaths were tragic. Karl's and Mike's come to mind. Can't wait to see how they'll wrap up the show. Will Tom and Lynette get back together? Will Bree be found not guilty of murder? Will Susan follow Julie back to college? Will Gaby reunite with her daughter Grace? We'll soon find out.

After my Desperate Housewives marathon ended, I was at a loss of how to peruse the remaining three weeks of my free Netflix trial month. A quick search led me to Mad Men. Nope, hadn't seen it. Of course I have been privy to the hype. Who hasn't? I usually steer clear of shows that the masses go gaga for such as Lost, The Sopranos, and The Wire. I've never seen a single episode of any of those shows. And I definitely duck and hide from brainless commercial hits like American Idol, The Bachelor, and Dancing With the Stars. Though I did catch a good part of DWTS one season, two years ago. But it's the same material again and again. Boring.

Back to Mad Men. Love it. I'm now a card carrying fan. I am halfway through Season Three. Season Five is now airing on AMC. So I am playing catch-up here. That's the story of my life when it comes to TV shows and music. Though I have been watching HBO's new show Girls in a timely manner. How long will I be in tow? I don't know. Only time will tell.

Mad Men Update:


Well, I'm up to speed. Just finished watching Mad Men's Season Five, Episode Eight. I have now consumed 3,040 minutes of madness in a little less than two weeks. Obviously my Kindle is gathering dust on the shelf. I highly recommend this entertaining show. If you don't have the time or patience to watch Seasons One through Four before checking out the current season Five, here is a 7 minute video from the creative geniuses at Slate that will give you plenty of background info on the characters and their shenanigans: Mad Men in 7 Minutes.

Desperate Housewives Update:

Death has always been a major theme on Wisteria Lane beginning with Mary Alice's suicide by gunshot in Season One, Episode One. And last night's series finale didn't stray from this norm. Yet, the tone was much lighter. Karen McCluskey finally succumbed to cancer. But unlike nearly all the other deaths over the last eight seasons, her death was peaceful and dignified. I'm glad.

If I were to get a copy of this last episode to review and pause, I would be able to get my answer to how many characters were killed off over the last eight seasons. In the last scene of the series, all the dead characters returned as ghosts wearing white clothes. Each was standing at the edge of the street to be seen by Susan as she and her family drove away from Wisteria Lane, never to return. But just like the characters and events of the Overlook Hotel, Wisteria Lane is sure to repeat itself, time and time again.

Girls Update:

Just watched Season One's Episode Five of Girls. I'm finding myself to be strangely drawn to the character Adam. Maybe it's because he looks like a cross between my late brother and Keanu Reeves. And also because he's odd and arrogant and charming and a bit sexy.

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