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I have cinema fever. Because there are no new movies worth mentioning, I'll write about actors and actresses. Some I love and some I loathe. Here are the lists. Each actor and actress is described with one word. Sometimes one word is all it takes.

Loves~ Actresses

Tilda Swinton ~ Sharp
Julianne Moore ~ Brave
Jodie Foster ~ Intelligent
Penelope Cruz ~ Intense
Nicole Kidman ~ Classy
Kate Winslet ~ Firey
Angelina Jolie ~ Hot
Marisa Tomei ~ Fun
Eva Longoria ~ Adorable
Michele Williams ~ Delicate

Loves ~ Actors

Ryan Gosling ~ Versatile
George Clooney ~ Classy
Javier Bardem ~ Engaging
Ewan McGregor~ Adorable
Daniel Day Lewis ~ Transformative
Seth Rogen ~ Funny
Owen Wilson ~ Lovable
Ed Norton ~ Intelligent
Keanu Reeves ~ Sexy
Jim Carrey ~ Entertaining
Jack Lemmon ~ Brilliant!

Loathes ~ Actresses

Emma Watson ~ Loud
Jennifer Aniston ~ Dull
Jessica Alba ~ Dumb
Katie Holmes ~ Autopilot
Kate Hudson ~ Roadkill
Jennifer Lopez ~ Diva
Halle Berry ~ Unstable
Amy Adams ~ Boring
Reese Witherspoon ~ Cartoonish
Charlize Theron ~ Angry

Loathes ~ Actors

Woody Harrelson ~ Creepy
Tom Hanks ~ Whiney
Tobey McGuire ~ Squeaky
Elijah Wood ~ Elfish
Daniel Radcliffe ~ Prissy
Ryan Reynolds ~ Doofus
Leonardo DiCaprio ~ Stale
Mel Gibson ~ Racist
Matt Damon ~ Boring
Robin Williams ~ Hyper
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