Looking Back on 2011

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What happened this year?

Watched lots of movies and read a ton of books.
Moved twice.
Spent a great amount of time with my son David.
Had a quality four day visit in Sedona with my parents.
Reconnected with my sister.
Almost started a new romantic relationship... glad I didn't.
Spent a good deal of time immersed in existentialist angst at the beginning of the year then just sort of snapped out of it about six months ago.
Had a great reconnection with my Dad.
Came to realize that family is the most important thing in life.
Finally got over my last relationship--put it to rest, so to speak.
Came to accept my empty nest and embrace it.
Avoided illness.
Busted my knee cap but nurtured it back to health.
Mourned the death of Christopher Hitchens.
Had two mentally unhinged female roommates one after another. Thank goodness they are both now out of the picture.

What's in store for 2012?

Would like to make trips to Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina to visit family.
Hopefully my sister will come out west to see me.
Hope to see my son's skateboarding career take off.
Would like to move into my own place again by the end of the year--no more roommates please!
Perhaps save for a MacBook Pro.
Wish to meet like-minded friends and stay clear of psychos, simpletons, and irrational thinking types.
Earn a good living doing what I love.
Have good health and loving connections.
Plan to watch lots of movies and read a ton of books.

Happy New Year everyone!
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