Is My Vegan Challenge About Control?

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Well of course my vegan challenge is about control. What diet is not about control? Show me a vegan or vegetarian that does not structure his or her diet to get a measure of control over what they consume and I will give you an all-expense-paid trip to Jupiter.

Whether one is abstaining from meat, dairy, or fat or increasing protein, there is a goal in mind. Maybe one is eating more ethically, healthily, or to lose weight... or to gain body mass, as body builders are wont to do. All diets are about structure, rules, regulations, and guidelines. When we are not watching/regulating/editing/dieting, we may in fact be eating out of control... not concerned or aware of the consequences of what we are putting on our forks. Thus we may become overweight, lethargic, have high cholesterol, and may become anemic. We may become dissociated with how our eating choices effect the environment and insensitive to animal suffering. In other words, numb.

My vegan challenge is not a starvation diet. It is a diet about getting healthier, feeling more energetic, lowering my cholesterol a bit, increasing self-awareness, feeling a sense of accomplishment. And yes, a sense of control. Nobody likes to feel out of control. Diet is one way we can gain a measure of control in our lives. As long as we don't take it to the extremes, we can feel a healthy sense of control for being the orchestrators of our own consumption. When dieting DOES spin out of control through restriction nearing starvation, all control is lost. And this becomes worse than where one started. So this is never good.

So, anyone voicing or feeling concerned, please know that I have no intention of entering into that hellish zone once again. I am a healthy weight and plan on maintaining it.

I am not starving myself.
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