How to Make Enemies and Distance People

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The title of my new book...

How to Make Enemies and Distance People
~ Simply by Being Yourself ~

Well, it should be anyhow. Because I do believe I am an expert on the subject. Look no further than Solo for proof. My ignore list is long, my haters list is longer, and those who generally dislike me make up the longest list.

I basically go about things the wrong way—that is if I am trying to win friends and influence people. I don't sugarcoat, placate, pander. Well maybe a little, at first. I am friendly. Can be charming. Get along with almost everyone, in the beginning. But, inevitably, I need to be true to myself. And this is where making enemies and distancing oneself comes in.

I am an outspoken atheist. Some, perhaps many, will take offense to my views and my tell it like I see it approach. I don't tone it down because I am afraid I will offend someone who is religious. I just don't. IRL, I work with people who are believers. I don't talk about atheism with them. They don't know what I think. I don't care what they think. Work is a professional atmosphere. I keep my personal life out of it.

IRL, I am surrounded by people who are overweight. Do I discriminate against them? Snub them? Make fun of them? Absolutely not. I treat them and all people as my equals.

But online... well, it is different. It is freedom. The medium allows for and almost begs one to debate, push boundaries, become fearless, put forth ideas and see how others respond. Sometimes we forget that there are real people reading our words. But maybe that is the beauty of it as well. It liberates us when we don't hold back.

I don't go out of my way to hurt people or offend them. Well, occasionally I do, when I craft some insult. But normally I am just being myself. Expressing my raw opinions. Mainly unfiltered.

I took the high road for several months. Censored myself—heavily. I was being encouraged to do so by someone who claimed he was all about compassion. Yet the irony of it all is that once he vacated the premises, he became known as someone who was the antithesis of compassion. Still boggles my mind. And I do wonder if he was trying to be all about compassion. But wasn't really at all, in his core. Who knows? And I am afraid I will never have the answer.

I don't expect to be loved by anyone online. I am OK with not really even being liked. I need to be me first. If that means I am hated by all, so be it.

Solo does not feel like the Cheers bar any longer. It did a few months ago. But that well has dried up. But honestly, was it ever overflowing with love and harmony? No, it wasn't.

The stupidest phrase in circulation has got to be, "Can't we all just get along?" No, we can't. Especially when I am not in a diplomatic mood. I'm 90% kind, 10% bitch. I think the bitch part is what most seem to focus on and remember. I really DO polarize people.

So here is a quick summary of my tips for making enemies and distancing people:

Be outspoken about your atheism.
Tell people they are choosing to be overweight.
Be brutally honest.
Be friendly with disliked people.
Write intelligently, to differentiate yourself from the plebs. :rolleyes:
Come off as arrogant and narcissistic whenever possible.
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