Honolulu Here We Come!

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Update at bottom of post.

My mom just asked me if I'd like to go to Hawaii for my birthday in October—her treat. Well hell yes! Let the planning begin. If anyone has any recommendations for restaurants and/or activities, I'm all ears.

Other news, thoughts...

Work has lost its luster but it's still challenging and pays the bills—plus extras.

My mom moved out here in December. She bought a charming house just 10 minutes drive from my apartment. We have been having a blast checking out restaurants and cities nearby. So happy to have her here.

David is happy and healthy—graduated college in January. He is making great money and is in a loving relationship with a gal who is smart, friendly, caring and very pretty.

Went to a baby shower last weekend. There is a reason men don't attend them. Apparently these parents-to-be didn't get the memo.

Going to a fabulous tasting menu dinner in Phoenix in early June for my mom's birthday. Should be a great experience.

Update. Got our itinerary today. Leave 10/19 for Honolulu. Return 10/24. Staying on Waikiki Beach. So excited.
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