Hilariously Depressing Moz Lyrics ~ Solo Albums Part I of II

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I love twisted things... things that are dark and dramatic and depressing yet humorous as well. My favorite film director, Pedro Almodóvar, is a master at incorporating all these elements into his film masterpieces. When it comes to music, nobody, I mean NOBODY, writes depressing lyrics that are so belly-laughing funny, like Morrissey does. This is his greatest charm... attraction... what makes me love his music so much.

Was just listening to Years of Refusal... and a few stood out. I really was belly laughing while listening. I'll start with that album. Then work my way through all the solo and Smiths albums... in reverse chronological order. I will listen to each album in its entirety, including the B-sides off the singles (and other tracks released, sung around that time), and decide what I think is a hoot--in my current frame of mind. It is interesting how our take on a song changes with the seasons. We may not have found certain things funny ten years ago... such as growing old, until we can relate to it ourselves, perhaps. Of course, there are universals that will be hilarious forever... no matter what station in life we find ourselves. But I am relistening and reevaluating so that this project has an active, current, living feel about it. I will attempt to listen to at least one album a day. So much culture to absorb... and comment on, so little time.

Once I finish his solo albums, I will listen to the Smiths ones.

Due to a limit on text length for each blog entry, my Solo albums will have to be divided in two separate entries.

Part I is Years of Refusal - Maladjusted. Part II is Southpaw Grammar - Viva Hate.


Years of Refusal ~ August 12, 2013

Have not listened to this album in a while. Really enjoyed it. It is getting better with time. Some of the music arrangements are very nice and original. I particularly like the Spanish guitar in When Last I Spoke to Carol.

It's Not Your Birthday Anymore

All the gifts that they gave can't compare in any way
To the love I am now giving to you
Right here right now on the floor

I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris

In the absence of your love
And in the absence of human touch
I have decided

I'm throwing my arms around
Around Paris because
Only stone and steel accept my love

Ringleader of the Tormentors ~ August 12, 2013

There is a lot of self-deprecating humor on this album. But you can't just read the lyrics to capture it. The songs must be heard. It's the WAY he sings the words.

You Have Killed Me

You have killed me, you have killed me
Yes, I walk around somehow

The Youngest Was the Most Loved

Moz and kids singing...

There is no such thing in life as normal
There is no such thing in life as normal

Life is a Pigsty

Even now in the final hour of my life
I’m falling in love again

On the Streets I Ran

Take anyone
Take people from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Just spare me!

To Me You Are a Work of Art

To me you are a work of art
And I would give you my heart
That’s if I had one

At Last I Am Born

But now I just sit back and yawn
Because I am born, born, born

You Are the Quarry ~ August 13, 2013

My favorite solo album. There is one song that, although quite beautifully sung with gorgeous music, has lyrics which make me cringe just a little. Can you guess which one? Quarry is not as tongue- in-cheek as some of Moz's other albums. It is more serious, it seems. Yet there are a few humorous gems to be found.

Come Back to Camden

Maybe not so much funny, but clever indeed. These careful lyrics remind the listener that there is a witty man with a wonderful sense of humor behind them.

Drinking tea with the taste of the Thames
Sullenly on a chair on the pavement

How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel

This one is fully loaded...

She told me she loved me
Which means she must be insane

They said they respect me
Which means their judgment is crazy

He said he wants to befriend me
Which means he can't possibly know me

Even I, as sick as I am, I would never be you
Even I, sick and depraved, a traveler to the grave
I would never be you
I would never be you

First of the Gang to Die

And you have never been in love
Until you've seen the dawn rise
Behind the home for the blind

You have never been in love
Until you've seen the sunlight thrown
Over smashed human bones

Let Me Kiss You

So, close your eyes
And think of someone you physically admire
And let me kiss you, oh

But then you open your eyes
And you see someone that you physically despise
But my heart is open
My heart is open to you

I Like You

No one I ever knew
Or have spoken to resembles you
This is good or bad
All depending on my general mood

You're not right in the head,
and nor am I, and this is why

This is why I like you, I like you, I like you
This is why I like you, I like you, I like you

You Know I couldn't Last

The teenagers
Who love you
They will wake up, yawn and kill you

It's Hard to Walk Tall When You're Small

I attack from the back
Because it's easy
And I can assail
While wearing very nice jewelry

I burst into
Public baths
And I throw my weight around
And no one can even see me
No one can even see me

My Early Burglary Years ~ August 14, 2013

Sister I'm a Poet

Outside the prison gates
I love the romance of crime

Girl Least Likely To

And there's enough gloom in her world, I'm certain
Without my contribution

Jack the Ripper

One of my all time fave Moz songs... still.

Your face is as mean
As your life has been

Crash into my arms
You don't agree
But you don't refuse

Suedehead: The Best of Morrissey ~ August 15, 2013

Pregnant For the Last Time

This song is a riot. Love it. Packed with hilarious lines.

Phlegm lapels for the last time
Corn beef legs for the last time

Chips with cream for the last time
The People's Friend for the last time

Tiny striped socks for the last time
Pokes and prods for the last time

But then you see someone new
And you want someone new
So you have someone new
I don't blame you
We would all do the same as you
If ever we had the chance to

Bad advice for the last time
And people being nice for the very first time
Oh, we're so glad

Maladjusted (2009 remaster) ~ August 15, 2013

The additions of I Can Have Both and I Am a Was strengthen this album considerably.


When the gulf between
All the things I need
And the things I receive
Is an ancient ocean
Wide, wild, lost, uncrossed

Trouble Loves Me

Ready with ready-wit
Still running 'round
On the flesh rampage
- At your age !

Then at midnight I
Can't get you out of my head
A disenchanted taste
Still running 'round

He Cried

People where I come from
They survive without feelings or blood
I never could
Was stoned to death
But I'm still living

Wide to Receive

The way Moz sings wide again and again in a sullen moaning voice is priceless. Makes this song a real gem.

I'm lying here
Wide to receive
Almost anything
You'd care to leave
Wide, wide, wide

I Can Have Both

I can have both
There's nobody around to say no
Who've brain-washed the small shy boy inside
He doesn't know he can have both

Now I Am a Was

Once I was so smugly
Foremost in your thoughts
Me - with a talent for
Making you cry

So, now I am a was
Now I am a was

Satan Rejected My Soul

The happy music that accompanies the lyrics is what makes this song so twisted. The way Moz sings come on, come on, makes this otherwise serious song, rather playful.

All the fun in life it's cost me
Satan rejected my soul
As low as he goes
He never quite goes this low

Come on, come on, ah
Come on, come on, come on

Sorrow Will Come in the End

The sound of a cracking whip in between the words lawyer and liar... dark, humorous... perfect.

Lawyer ...liar
Lawyer ...liar
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