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I was in the middle of writing,
A dark and dreary poem,
When you called...

Knocking me out...
Of my stupor.
But only temporarily.

Now I'm back at it.
Keyboard in front of me.
Mind refocused.

Okay, that's a lie.
Not really focused at all.
Clarity is long gone.

Well then,
Where was I?
Ah yes, Hopeless...

No, scratch that.
Not hopeless.
Never hopeless.

Lets' see, then...

Days in darkness.
Air so heavy.
Barely breathing.

Mind is mush.
Movement, painful.
All's by rote.

Future looking bleak.
A past unable to tweak.
Clinging to now...

But losing my grip.
Slipping, falling...
Into the abyss.

The end.

That was pathetic.
I know. But it's okay...
Tomorrow's another day.
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