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***Update ~ February 26, 2012. Added another movie! Go see. Can't believe I forgot about this one!*

**Update ~ February 22, 2012. Bonnie and Clyde is a wild ride, indeed! Just how many different cars did they steal anyway? Was a bit put off by Clyde's sexual frigidity at first. But he came through in the end and made Bonnie a happy lady. The car chases were a riot, having a playful tone due to the bouncy banjo music in the background. Although Bonnie and Clyde is a very good movie and quite violent, I won't be adding it to my exclusive list.*

*Update ~ February 19, 2012. After reading the biography of Pauline Kael, who was an American film critic who wrote for The New Yorker magazine from 1968 to 1991, I have decided to watch Bonnie and Clyde (1967). From Kael's description it seems that this film may end up on my list. It probably will come down to whether or not I love the movie. This is one of the major factors that determines if a film makes the cut. Also, I have slightly altered my original criteria. Being sexy is no longer an absolute must. This allows me to add another of my favorites to my list: Taxi Driver.*

Come on admit it, sometimes violent movies are great fun—even date night worthy and family friendly too (my family anyhow.)

When is this true? When these films are also smart, clever, original, thought provoking, psychologically twisted, suspenseful, emotionally taxing, and sexy—minus exploitation, supernatural horror, and war victims.

A great violent film cannot be about the Holocaust. War is never sexy. Sorry, Schindler’s List is out, as are Saving Private Ryan and Apocalypse Now. It also has to be original—not predictable. This disqualifies The Godfather. Object? Sorry, it’s my list and I decide what goes on it. How about Kill Bill, you say? Nope—not thought provoking. At least not to me, and remember who’s making that list. According to my criteria, this also excludes The Ring, The Blair Witch Project and The Sixth Sense. No creepy, supernatural, nightmare inducing films, please! And none of those are sexy, btw. The Matrix has got to be on there, right? No, didn't make the cut. The bloodshed didn't seem real but more like video game violence. It wasn't emotionally taxing because there was no real sense of loss, as if you could easily start the game over—no problem. Though it was super sexy and thought confusing—I mean provoking. Huh?

So, based on my very narrow guidelines, here is my short list of the Best Violent Films Eva'. Keep in mind, I didn’t say most violent films—just the best ones.

And here they are:

Pulp Fiction
The Silence of the Lambs
No Country for Old Men*

Taxi Driver
The Crying Game

*OK, No Country For Old Men is not sexy—unless bowl haircuts turn you on. But I still think it should be on the list.

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Perhaps The Silence of the Lambs isn't sexy either. Though there was a sexual tension between Hannibal and Clarice. You felt it, didn't ya? Taxi Driver is not sexy either. (See update at top of page.)

There must be more, there must be more…
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