Eight Line Poetry Stanzas

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Sunny days despite
Yesterday's weather
Bare thighs spite by
Sticking to the pleather

Pink lemonade sipped
Through stripey straws
All beef dogs topped
With Grandma's slaw


Makes his way home
Examines his merits
Broken and alone
Emptiness cries out

Staring in the mirror
His bones shake and chill
In one swallow he devours
The entire bottle of pills


Watching as Dawn
Wakes at sunrise.
"Morning little spawn."
We say, gazing in her eyes.

So happy to greet us
She smiles and coos.
Her little legs thrust
In a melodic groove.


Not seeking the best seat at the table
A little chair at the corner will do
Preferably not next to Aunt Mabel
The head of course is reserved for you

Soon you'll clear your throat and toast
The engagement of Coraline von Goethe
To our generous and gracious host
It will be the fourth marriage for both


Kit Carson City's Emerald Lake
Droplets twinkling in the wake
A two month long summer escape
Life-long memories taking shape

Fishing poles are ready in hands
Baited hooks take off air-bound
Got a bite!, cries, our youngest one
Reel it in quickly, I call out, son!


Watching time freeze
Off the clock
Slipping through trees
Now lost

Going nowhere fast
Stuck in my tracks
Straw hat, khaki slacks
No future, only a past


This Mississippi Mud Pie thang
Is the latest ladies bake sale rage
Not apple, cherry or lemon Meringue
The new kid has taken the stage

Times are changin' I tell ya
Nothing looks the same
So much different for a fella
Not sure what or who to blame


Hiking back up to play the game
The song remains the same
Sisyphus and his rock at the top
Roll it down again never to stop

Without an ounce of utility
Living a life of desperate futility
Day in and day out, up and down
Endless circle, round and round


Chasin' tornadoes on a motorcycle,
With my lover from Cleveland, Michael.
That was what we did last week.
This winter we are skiing Peak n' Peak.

Never a dull moment with this guy.
Always up for an adventure on the fly.
Says he climbed Mount Everest at twenty.
At fifty he plans to scale Mount McKinley.


Watching as Beauty charms the Beast
Another Disney film to feast
Haven't had a proper date in weeks
I'm the girlfriend of an introverted geek

By midnight my impatience grows
He's playing games and eating Cheetos
I'm chewing gum and painting my toes
How much longer can I remain composed?


I closed my eyes
I could not hear
Your stepping away
As you disappeared.

Memories of you now
Are tiny pale sketches
In my aging fragile mind
Forever etched 'til death.


The honey in the tree
Drips into our tea.
Tiny cakes decorate
A bone china plate.

A picnic for two
Just me and you.
A moment to savor
Forever and ever.
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