Desert Vacation

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Desert: 5. any place lacking in something.

Vacation: 1. a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity.

So, I am on a desert vacation. It started last Monday. I don't know when it will end, tbo.

What have I been doing? Working! Doesn't everyone work on vacation? Also, been out shopping for a bathing suit. I have taken the plunge and joined the community recreation center. Starting tomorrow I will be committed to an exercise program of lap swimming, rowing, StairMaster, treadmill, and possibly fitness classes. First step is the pool. I am a great swimmer. Was on a swim team in my youth. Swimming is an excellent way to get back into cardio fitness. It is low impact and almost anyone can do it. I am thin. And pretty fit for my age due to the type of work I do which keeps me physically active. But my goal now is to get toned. I want nice, sexy arms and legs. And I want to have some killer endurance so that I can take long hikes and explore my wonderful, beautiful state of Arizona. Did you just see me mention hiking? Yes, you did. Are you shocked? I am too. :p

Also, since Friday night, I have been binge-re-watching Sex and the City. I am now halfway through season two. I plan to watch all six seasons before my vacay is over. Love that show! Mr. Big rules!

And... this afternoon I bought two octopuses and made octopus ceviche. Yummy. Nothing like eating seafood on my desert vacation to remind me just how far I am from the ocean.

Oh, and I painted my nails the coolest sea-foam green color! How fun is that?!


Update: Sunday, July 20th: Vacation is over.

Update: Wednesday, July 23: Still watching Sex and the City. Just started season five.
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