Desert Life... and Shoes

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*Update ~ Just added an audio capture of the coyotes howling outside my window. Scroll down and click howling link.

Its early... 6:40 AM. I woke at 5:00 AM. Oh don't ask why. It is chilly this morning. Yesterday was the first day since April that I have not run the air conditioner. Fall... is it finally here? It's hard to tell. This desert life is a strange one indeed. Hot summers. Cold winters. Coyotes howling outside my window at night. Thank goodness my Katie is a house cat. Otherwise I'm afraid she'd become dinner.

I'm watching the film The Spy Who Loved Me... well sort of watching... more like listening. It's funny how one tends to reach for the familiar when looking for background noise. Perhaps it makes the best company for the lone soul who longs to replace the silence with sound. Ah, the famous ski chase... I can hear it... one of the best Bond scenes eva'. Music starts to play... love this song... Nobody does it better. Makes me feel sad for the rest...

Speaking of music, I am intoxicated with songs. So many... and most of them new to my ears. I just loaded a bunch of albums onto my iPod... by the artists Suede, The Courteeners, The Auteurs, This Mortal Coil, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, The Cure, Editors Rarities, The Sisters of Mercy, The Jesus and the Mary Chain, Chapel Club, Grimes... and more.

Soon as it warms up a bit, I'm gonna put my ear buds in and go wash my car.

And, with the weather change... shoes come to mind. What will I be wearing?

Cool shoes...

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