Delusion Busting

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I am a delusion buster. Whenever I can, I tear down illusions and pull apart delusions. Why? Because I am a rationalist—a natural skeptic. I think it is due to both genetics and environment. My mom is also pragmatic. She is my significant role model.

As a parent, there is a fine line between being a delusion buster and being a dream crusher. One doesn't want to stifle her child's imagination—only keep it grounded in reality. You want your kid to express his/her creativity and have hope and dreams. But you also want their aspirations to be backed-up with practical steps towards achieving those things. Otherwise you are just going to be fostering wishful thinking—nurturing a dreamer whose dreams never materialize.

I think I have done a pretty good job balancing these things as a parent. My son has dreams. He looks to the future with hope and is capable of setting goals. He takes action; he doesn't just talk about what he wants to do; he does it.

I still have dreams too. I want to take a trip to England—possibly as soon as next summer. I am working towards this goal. I have been to many countries in Europe but never England. This is my dream. It is not a delusion; it is a possibility.
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