Cyberspace When You're Dead

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I stumbled upon a wonderful article in the New York Times. It was written this last January but the information is still fresh and valid. The article addresses the issue of cyberspace after death—what happens to our digital lives when we die? A lot of people don’t like to think about death—so much so that they put off getting a will made until the last minute—if at all. So thinking about a will for one’s digital assets isn’t something most folks spend Sunday afternoons pondering. I, however, think about this quite often. The author of the article obviously does so as well. And so should you. If you have a personal website, photo sharing account, social network accounts, and /or an online journal, then you need to take action to make sure your digital content lands in the right hands after you kick the bucket.

Fortunately, several websites have sprung up to fill this digital will demand. Many services are free. I have chosen Entrustet. It is free and user friendly. I recommend everyone with digital content to read the New York Times article then investigate the services listed and choose one that suits you.

I feel secure knowing that the thousands of images and blog posts of mine will not disappear into the black hole of cyberspace when I die, but rather, will remain active and vital through the efforts of my assigned guardian. Also, accounts that I wish to no longer keep active after death, such as email accounts and Amazon etc., will be deleted.

Cyberspace When You're Dead

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