Could It Be?

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Has the Internet lost it's novelty? Am I no longer addicted to the allure of seemingly endless websites to visit and information banks to raid? Has it finally become predictable, repetitive, and redundant? Has anything new and exciting tickled my fancy in the last six months? After building my website, setting up a facebook account, creating insane amounts of digital imagery to load into a flickr account, authoring an eBook, and mastering the art of email, BitTorrent, and Craigslist, I feel full. Honesty, I could wake up tomorrow and almost care less if my Internet connection were disabled. Perhaps the Net has reached a plateau. I wonder if there are others experiencing the same thing as well.

Today, I anticipate the next big thing to break up the monotony. Until then, my mind quiets--being only mildly stimulated. But I'm hopeful of it's return to a full-throttle hyperactive state.
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