Chapter 4 More Suspicions

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Nan, I was told, had stood on a chair in the kitchen, to change a light bulb, and the chair collapsed underneath her, resulting in a broken hip, which led to her death. I wonder, if Deb set that 'accident' up. The timing of it was shortly after Nan had begun to pay me some positive attention. There's a pattern of fatalities following a positive interaction with a human or animal.

A canary we had, Pete, used to sing beautifully for me, and would run after me on the floor with my socks off and toes wiggling enticingly for Pete. One day, our mother sat opposite me and for once praised me for the rapport I had with Pete. Shortly afterward, I came home from school one day to the news that Pete had flown into a mirror clip. He laid in a small basket on the kitchen table unable to hold his head up, and had a bright red gash on his head.

Looking back, I suspect Deb hurt him. Fatally.
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