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Lots of changes have been going on.My doctor changed some of my meds.I am now taking a different antidepressant and he has me taking some of the same ones but in different forms and doses.He also has me on a different schedule to take them.As a result of this I have been mostly sleeping every night.Except for times like tonight when I haven`t taken my medication.I have my good and bad days.Like the day before yesterday I could barely drag myself out of bed.Most days I have been helping around the house because my mom has been busy helping my sister that just had a baby.She has been having a difficult healing from her c section.I`m really trying to get better.I want to move on with my life.I`ve been thinking about my future a lot and there is lots of things I want to do with my life.I just need the courage to try.Fear and this depression have kept me from trying things.I just want to get better and be happy.
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