Cat Whisperer

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I am a cat whisperer. Have been all my life. I feel a strong connection to cats. I get them. I understand them more than I think most people do. My cat Katie and I have a wonderful relationship. She truly is my best friend, in that I see her everyday. We sit next to each other on our big comfy chair when I play online or watch a film/TV show. She lets me comb her, clip her nails, clean her ears, and even give her a bath--I kid you not--without a fuss.

But the most special thing about our relationship is that we talk to one another. She has different sounds she uses to communicate her different needs. When she wants my attention, she makes a loud high pitched sound. When she is hungry, she meows eagerly and rapidly. But her sweetest sound comes when we are just shooting the breeze... conversing back and forth. Katie and I have been talking to one another since she was little. And she is eleven now. So you can imagine that we have had a lot of discussions.

I thought I'd record one. I just made this video a few minutes ago. Please excuse my baby talk. I don't normally speak like this. Only with Katie, 'cause she IS my baby, after all.

Katie tells me a story...

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