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Blog Index I ~ 2014-2006
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Goodbye 2005
Happy, Happy, Merry...
How much is a human life worth?
Best news I have read at Solo in a long time!
If I were Bill Gates' daughter...
a sad poem by a silly fool
Upon a stage...
Something's Coming
Low blow
I outta be in pictures!
Finding Neverland
Trees and cats don't mix
LMAO! Revenge of the servers!
Binge then splurge
losing face
Saving Face
Good souls and bad souls
Wish You Were Here
humble bee
365th day
Why am I still awake?
Gilligan's Grapes
Have yourself a Charlie Brown Christmas
Krisis in Kansas
All I want for Christmas...
Don't get pissed. It is not blasphemy. Calm down.
When did Matt Lauer become a sex symbol?
I'm a fuckhead!
And so
two weddings and a farm
Smoke Signals
A funny letter to lighten the mo
My Town
I want...
Guilt stabs you like a thousand knives
Movie time!
Curling up with a good book
The best birthday ever
I'm home
The Lady Of The Ring
I have the flu
Movies that have moved me
Isn't this special?!
Indulge me
davidtwigg's quiz
Urrpp, what's on your mind monkey butt?
I'm going for a walk!
Bouncy Bride
Tuesday Afternoon Thought
Laini, I need you!
post unSecret
October 3rd
Lucid Dream
Last day of September
I Am A Sylvia Plath
Hey everyone!
Wanna play a game?
The internal tape
I have the answer!
I see her face
Dear Morrissey
Sheets of clay
One small victory
Same ol' Song and Dance
I am...
Retro Wednesday
I know what I want and baby it's you...
Three Greatest Bands
Given To Fly
The Greatest Lie Ever Told?
True Love
Last week, last meal
My Heart Will Go On
Wonderful Words
Way To Blue
Snuggle, snuggle
Shiny Happy People
Giving Tree
To Alan
It has only happened twice this year...
Fun Quiz ~ Personality Profile
All I want is to hold your hand
For all of the hopeless romantics
I feel so lovable this morning
It all started with one dreamer
Don't cry for me Moz-solo...
Get out of bed sleepyhead
For Tibby
What I Have Lived For
Wet dreams
Carpe diem
I can't get you out of my head
It takes strength to be gentle and kind ~ Who said that?
Twisted ~ 7 words you can't say on television
Florida Vacation
Witness to your life
Wonka Fans Unite And Take Over!
I got a golden ticket!
Horrible dream
Why Do People Have to Fight?
silence is my favorite word
some poems that I like ~ today
What's the longest?
Life is a list of meaningful occurrences part IV
Saturday morning questions
Italian Tomato Garden
a rippling effect
Life is list of meaningful occurrences Part III
Ten things
El Condor Pasa
Happy 4TH of July!
Mind Transferring
Life is list of meaningful occurrences Part II
Kidnapped questions...
tit for tat
Shiny happy person?!
I am feeling political at the moment.
Bush irritates me to no end!
I love libraries ~ such treasures can be found in them
I want to sleep with common people...
It takes more strength to eat than to starve
Mother's wise words
Life is list of meaningful occurrences
Offspring Art
It's all relative
Oh you look so tired...
I want to learn code
Secret talent
Passions of mine ~ 20 of them
Bang and Blame
Three Things
The insanity of the drive to be thin
Favorite Thriller~ Silence of The Lambs
I Wanna Be Sedated
Michael Jackson is acquitted of all charges
Blockbuster Summer
Gothic artist
I can't get this song out of my head
Oscar Wilde
OK, that was heavy...
Unguarded Moment
Wish I Knew What I was Looking For
Operating systems
~Great Songs ~
Gee, Officer Krupke
Before I die I wanna
I love my journal, I love my journal...
IOW ~ What would Dr. Phil say?
~Best So Far~ List
Paypal Hell
The Last Time
My baby is coming home
Niagara Falls
iPod+iTunes Commercial
To my son ~ "Us"
A wise man said...
I have no one to blame but myself
Listening to ~ Let Down ~ by Radiohead
Poor little hamster
I should have guessed as much.
Friends, foes, and neutered folks
Whoo hoo!
Just a reminder for myself to...
I wish I could post pictures in here...
It's a cyber life after all... Has it really been a year?
I am what I am
strange new passion
today's affirmation
plugging along
I was just thinking
observations of the day
Informed choice
Nice present
American Psycho
high on life
So true
bee charmer
Tio or is it Theo?
Crying at night
Random thoughts
Bast from the past
First love
New Band Discovery
I LOVE The Cure
Terri Schiavo
Spike Lee is fantastic
Finding joy
I need warmth. I feel so cold.
I am home
I Am A Rock
A Poem
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
I want to write a screenplay
Dr. Phil
Favorite scenes from movies
escaping from a shipwrecked life
So many thoughts
Percy Bysshe Shelly
Deja vu
If the song fits, sing it
Solo Lawsuit?
Excerpt from "Night" by Elie Wiesel
The phrase that pays... feel free to add some of your own
Not a sociopath? Well you may be a control freak instead
Sociopath in the midst!
Where personality is all ya got?
Can anybody else relate?
A wise man
The Scorpion and the Frog
I sense change all around me
How pathetic
Happy New Year


Interpretations anyone?
Merry Christmas Everybody
Drama Mama
Bill Bailey
Paranoia will destroya
I am not like Morrissey because...
Strangest Shag
What is friendship?
realitybites' thesaurus
Proof that idiots exist!
Am I a voyeur?
Why, oh why?
Where is everybody?

Blog Index I ~ 2014-2006
(Text too long to have on one page. Sorry. Had to divide Index into two parts.)
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