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Blog Index II ~ 2005-2004
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The End of Faith ~ Sessions
Vive la Vida!
The 2016 Movie List


Hitch Void

Have Passport Will Travel

Mom Gone Wild
If You Need Me, I'll Be Here
Short and Sweet
Katie Says Hi!
Pretty Certain It's Happening
Success is the Only Revenge I Seek
Give Me a Break
Survivors Guilt
Holy Tomato!
Pure pleasure. OK, not so pure.
Spring Has Sprung
The Unanswered Moz Questions
Carpe Diem!
My Brilliant Year
True Love
Food Swap
After the film ended, I wondered...
Oscars 2015
A Year in Movies: 2015


Naked Beach

Year-End Letter

I Still Love You, Oh I Still Love You
Katie and Other Things I am Thankful For

Last Harvest
If it is true that you are what you eat, then I am mostly cabbage and rice

Chasing Brett

Just Picked
Netflix is a Dangerous Drug
The Boy Can Dance
Tomato Blasphemy, Gardener Weeping!
Smile, It's Selfie Saturday!
Delusion Busting
Dreaming of Red
Tomato Porn
Brutally Honest
Prolific Penelope
People Change
Sid's Succulent Baby

Dogs Bite
Is "World Peace is None of Your Business" a Concept Album?
Not So Secret Garden
Today is the Greatest!
Bradley Steyn vs. Steven Patrick Morrissey
Desert Vacation
World Peace is None of Your Business ~ Track Talk
Eight Line Poetry Stanzas
Just One Kiss
Bridges not Walls
Finer With Time
California Dreaming
What a Wonderful World
Istanbul, I Love You!
Practical and Everyday Anarchy, Anyone?
World Peace is None of Your Business ~ Single
Bullfighting is Torture Porn!
Ain't That a Shame
I'm Bad!
Pet Troll Update
A Little Rusty
Inflated Ego
My Love Language
Ode to the Semicolon
Catch Me If You Can
Nonchalant in Arizona
If you can read this you are in my contacts list...
How to Make Enemies and Distance People
All of the Rumors
Everyday Choices
Solitary Woman
Something Impulsive
Plenty of Fishermen
What a Crock
He Said I'm Stoic
The Selfie Project
Without Suffering
We Are All Editors
Best Picture Nominees of 2013 w/Commentary
Stroke Me, Stroke Me
A Little Humility is in Order
A Construct About Constructs
Morrissey Fans
Pet Troll
Smiths Fans
Shifting Gears
An Iron Fist Inside a Velvet Glove Part II: The Gloves Are Off
An Iron Fist Inside a Velvet Glove
Round Three
Consider This
Matters of Time and Place
A Disembodied Mind
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Milk, Meat, Auschwitz, and Morrissey--Oy Vey!
Say What?
Passive Aggressive 101
Philosophy Podcasts
The Oscars 2014
2014 Welcome!


Anonymous Sometimes
Escaping the Crèche
Memory Box
Joy Division
Sculpt Three
Happy Secularmas!
Television Viewing Over the Years
My Digital Paintings
Online Haunts
Golden Globes 2014
Solo's Very Own Pinocchio
Is Morrissey Bisexual?
The Girl With a Thorn in Her Side
If you want to be awe inspired...
Free Bird, Yeah
2014 Movie Roundup[You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side
Cat Whisperer
Dreaming of a Green Christmas
My Baby's Coming Home!
What is 'being in love?'
What the Heck is Going on Around Here?
Coffee Break With the Hitch
Time to Ramble On
Heavy Industry and Ruins Porn
Have Yourself a Merry Little Insomnia
Is Morrissey a Misogynist?
Electronic Graveyard
A Manual for Creating Atheists
Keanu Reeves is a Psychopath in My Own Private Idaho
An Atheist's Last Wish
Blog Comments
Autobiography by Morrissey
No Love
Is My Vegan Challenge About Control?
On My Knees ~ Literally!
Humble Abode in the Thames Estuary
Vegan Challenge
Hello Darkness My Old Friend
My Writings ~ PDF Downloads
Animals, Sex, Meat, and Morals
Quotable Me, Quotable Him
So Sick of Self
I'll Wear Black for Both of Us
Immortality Online: Pipe Dream or reality?
Hilariously Depressing Smiths Lyrics ~ Part II
Hilariously Depressing Smiths Lyrics ~ Part I
Hilariously Depressing Moz Lyrics ~ Solo Albums Part II of II
Hilariously Depressing Moz Lyrics ~ Solo Albums Part I of II
Rubber Ring (I think I wrote this one before)
looking bLack
Still Inspired
Stop Sign
Hot Melodrama
Morrissey is Not My Hero
Blogs Tab
New Toy
Conspicuous Candy
Oscars ~ Tonight! Who WILL Win?
Glorious, Wonderful, Paper Books!
Favorite Films From the United Kingdom
TV Talk ~ Girls Season 2
A Collection of Accumulations


Brian Molko ~ Um Yum!
Best Digital Distractions 2012 ~ A Year-end Roundup
2103 Movies ~ An Ongoing List With Ratings
A Year in the Life of Books ~ 2013
Tales of Yesteryear and Today (2013 fiction reading goal)
How Soon is Snow?
The World is a Little Less Wonderful Without You
Stipe and Moz: Face to Face
Circuits Behind Curtains
Out and About
Fleeting Landscapes
Forever a Fan
The Passing of Time
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Hell Yeah!
Desert Life... and Shoes
If Only I were Morrissey
Musings From My Head
Cultural Consumptions
Ten Songs to Take With Me to My Grave
realitybites back -ebook download
In Praise of Bass
Beautiful Baritones
Perfect Albums
Amazing Cinemagraphs
Life is a Moving Train
Nothingness Into Being
An Atheist in God's Sandbox
Martin Amis Without Hitchens
Christopher Hitchens ~ Still Loving You
Stomping on Sacred Ground
Pin the Name on the Yogi
Great Films Directed By Women
How to Write Like a Pretentious Philosopher
Brain Food
Olympics Closing Ceremony ~ A Screenshot Memoir of WTF? Moments
An Atheist in a Buddhist Sandbox
Ten Greatest Documentaries of All Time
Ten Shows
The Ten Greatest Movies of All Time ~ A List in Progress
Greatest Films of All Time ~ The Sight and Sound 2012 List Sucks!
2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony
Skeptics' Witticisms
Rules of Begging
Brain Drain July
Fifty Shades of Grey Dream Cast
Fifty Shades of Sex
Podcasts at Last
Album Cover Art
Everybody's Got Something to Sell: Mad Men S05E11 Afterthoughts
No Man, No Cry
May Days
Going for Simple
Free and Clear
A Year of Movies ~ 2012
Gates of Heaven
Fellini's 8 1/2
Lovesome Loathsome
Tonight's the Night!
How Quaint
Not So Secret Ballots
A Year in a Life of Books ~ 2012
The Auteurist
Enjoy the Violence
Trinity of Idiocy
Spiritual but not Religious
To Climb or not to Climb?
Nothing More
Take It or Leave It
Will I or Won't I... Get in Bed With Oscar This Year?
Christopher Hitchens ~ Missing You
Sixteen Steps Short of a Coma


Annual Movie Roundup 2011
In Loving Memory of Christopher Hitchen (1949-2011)
Voltaire in Quotes
Angry Women
Stuff and Stuff
Could it Be?
Metaphorically Speaking
The Filter Bubble
realitybites' Dollar Store
High as a Kite
Cyberspace When You're Dead
Morrissey and The Smiths Photo Collages
Happy 4th of July
Ban Francisco
If You Were Brilliant Could I Love You?
If I Get a Lobotomy Will You Love Me?
Wandering Eyes
Our Lips Are Sealed
Home Coming
Bucket List Revisited
Eleven Poems
realitybites by Jehne Lunden
Christopher Hitchens' ~ For the Sake of Argument
The Edited Life is Worth Writing
The Bucket List
The Quotable Hitchens
David Garrett
Thinking Along the Same Lines
Cheeky Monkey Mix
Hot Air Cold Feet
The Move-Me Awards
The Statue of Franco
James Franco ~ Man of the Hour
James Franco as Oz, The Great and Powerful
James Franco ~ Renaissance Man
It's Oscar Time Again!



Casting Light
Flowers in the Attic
Subpar Remark
Gruesome Truths
The Bearableness of Being Light
Boat Afloat
Altered States


Sadness Weeps Salty Tears
Rust Never Sleeps
Nobody hates phonies as much as Holden Caulfield—except me.
Michael Jackson World's Most Famous Anorexic Victim
Tossing Autonomy Into the Bin


The Struggle to Joy
nihilism knocking
Vladimir Nabokov's LOLITA Revisited
art in the park
Love this!
lossless love?
light bulb moment
drowning, mind-rattling, in a giant tidal wave of bookmarks
White-collar men, blue-collar men, and the in-betweens
domestic policy awol
I have forgiven Morrissey!
Google hosts Fitna
out of exile
Fuck off Morrissey!
sex versus gender
the pig is great!
a bit worried
one woman, one vote
It's good to be alive!
Christopher Hitchens!
I know why the caged bird sings


pious masochists and an impotent sadist
a reasonable christmas
an amazing teacher's "Cattywampus"
Three years this month!
If I were a painting
Dawkins must be smiling! I know I am...
Proof that the power elite are still thumping their Bibles!
I didn't want to like it... I really didn't
Let's hear it for the boys!
chivalry is dead
barking up the wrong tree
Fanatics and hypocrites... make news once again!
now my heart is full
I have no more empathy, compassion, or tolerance...
Inside The Actor's Studio: Lipton's Questions
Summer treasures
Life is a dull pencil.
memory box
Las Vegas again!
What's up?
How to NOT look like a tourist
For anyone and everyone who collects things...
OK, maybe I won't be watching The Grammys...
Almost 2 1/2 years ago...
Taking it for granted


As if we need another excuse to hate religion!
leaving on a jet plane...
23 things
Happy anniversary sweetheart!
The God Delusion
Nice change...
Nothing Better!
Mediocracy: the plight of a generalist
Fun stuff on the net...
EEP's Sunday Quiz
I still care about my journal...
Help me!
It's journal Karaoke time!
Twenty years later...
Fun stuff!
Deflated Balloon!
Leaving For Las Vegas!
Happy Holiday!
David is a fantastic name and this is why...
The boil is reduced to a simmer
I feel ill
The Lake House
Songs that make one peevish!
Begin To Hope
Under The Iron Sea
Sweet summertime!
Laziness or ignorance?
Contemporary Art
Favorite album of the year!
Tuesday Update
A Wonderful Day!
Social control
My Wife
Craving a good gay love story?
I miss..
Woo hoo!
Spring is finally here!
My bags are packed
Favorite YouTube videos
What's fair is fair?!
You never said goodbye to me.
Look who's coming to town...
vermin, beware!
Guilty pleasures
Forever changed
Three Things
What is sexy?
Corn syrup junkie
Living and breathing Morrissey
An interview with oneself
Nevada here we come!
Personal space VS space for all your stuff
Great moment in film
Bravo Morrissey!!!
Life Is A Pigsty
When was the last time?
Spoiled Rotten!
o comments
Beautiful walk
Fish out of water?
The stigma of a sweet tooth
We have a touchdown!
I Will See You in Far Off Places
Listening to Mr. Diamond while cleaning my keyboard...
While you're waiting...
You're Beautiful!
Cowboy Song and lots of other stuff that you loved
Diamond in the rough
Low Maintenance
Happy Birthday Neil Diamond
Masons, bridges not walls, and birthdays
Where in the world have you been?!
In The Last Twelve Hours
So tired
I can't wait!

Blog Index II ~ 2005-2004
(Text too long to have on one page. Sorry. Had to divide Index into two parts.)
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