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Apologies to anyone who has posted a comment in my blog that has gone unacknowledged, has not been responded to, or has not been approved.

I discovered a while ago that I had not been receiving notices when a comment had been posted. I alerted davidt to this problem. But he was unable to fix it. Perhaps I need to uncheck or check something in the settings. I can't figure it out.

But, I was unaware until yesterday, that posted comments were invisible to others. Apparently the default setting is that they need to be approved first. Well, I changed the setting and am now going through all my blog posts and approving all comments.

I'm hoping that changing a few settings will not only allow comments to be visible right away, but that I will also be given notice when a new comment is posted.

So sorry about this. Wanted to let ya'll know so you didn't think I was ignoring your comments. I wasn't doing so on purpose. Your thoughts/opinions mean a lot to me and I appreciate you taking the time to post a comment in my blog.


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