Beautiful Baritones

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Sexy baritone voices. It's a primal attraction. These ten are my favorites.

[​IMG] Eddie Vedder - Pearl Jam
Listen to the sexiest voice on the planet!

[​IMG] Tom Smith - Editors
Listen to his sexy voice!

[​IMG] Ian Curtis - Joy Division
Listen to his hauntingly beautiful voice!

[​IMG] Lewis Bowman - Chapel Club
Listen to his amazing voice!

[​IMG] Matt Berninger - The National
Listen to his awesome voice!

[​IMG] Michael Stipe - R.E.M.
Listen to his fantastic voice!

[​IMG] Morrissey - The Smiths
Listen to his beautiful voice!

[​IMG] Julian Casablancas - The Strokes
Listen to his sexy voice!

[​IMG] Neil Diamond
Listen to his awesome voice!

[​IMG] Jim Morrison - The Doors
Listen to his sexy voice!

I love these voices well:

Harry McVeigh - White Lies
Andrew Eldritch - Sisters of Mercy
David Sylvian - Japan
Peter Gabriel - Genesis
Alex Turner - Arctic Monkeys
Peter Murphy - Bauhaus
Michael Gira - Swans
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