Ban Francisco

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*Update ~ July 29, 2011 ~ San Francisco judge removes circumcision ban from ballot

What’s happening with San Francisco?

San Francisco is trying to ban the sale of pets within its city limits. A proposal to ban the circumcision of male children has been cleared to appear on the November ballot. Earlier, this liberal west coast city banned fast food toys and plastic bags.

While New York is rejoicing in its granting of civil rights to allow gays and lesbians to legally marry, San Francisco is stripping folks of their choices.

San Francisco used to be a liberal haven—in a good way. It had a live and let live ethos that made it a tolerant and welcoming city to diversity. Today, this city is moving towards homogeneity. It is becoming insular and intolerant. The new paradigm is do as we do.

I lived in San Fran in the late eighties. I wouldn’t want to live there today. It has clearly become a nanny state.
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