An Iron Fist Inside a Velvet Glove Part II: The Gloves Are Off

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Warning: This is going to get ugly.

Was I left with any other choice?

How long will this psychodrama continue? I hope it ends here. Why do I fear this is not the case? Because I am dealing with an angry woman—an angry woman who holds onto things: people, objects, and grudges. She is obsessed and angry. A lethal combination.

See Part I.

I am posting this here because hand in glove has a habit of deleting her blog posts. She has been a blogger for longer than I have. But she erased ten years of posts because they were embarrassing, pathetic rants about her ex boyfriend Chris, who she refused to let go of. I told you she hoards things. He is just one thing she hoards. She hoards celebrities as well. Forms obsessions and dedicates her body and soul to them. Loyalty is the highest virtue. Her motto, literally is, I'll always be true to you.

Let me start off by saying that hand in glove IS on ignore now. I did not know that she could not post comments in my blog, while on ignore. I do now. I put her on ignore a while back—after I wrote that blog post about people who are on my ignore list. The list is not static. It is dynamic. I temporarily removed the ignore block from her, thinking I could not send her a PM if it were activated. I sent her a PM after her nasty blog post titled, Frankly Ms Shankly. I told her to Fuck Off, hoping it would end there. I kept her off of ignore though, giving her a chance to reply. She didn't. I wondered if it all would end there. It didn't. Instead she launched a vicious diatribe, making false accusations. I replied. And she has now responded to my reply. And I am replying once again to her response. Let's hope it ends here. This is ridiculous.

I will now address some of her claims/comments.

This is ridiculous because you and I have no history or friendship to salvage. I have known you casually through our blogs, but that is it.

I used your name in my previous reply as you have used it in the forums in the past. You used my name. Fair is fair.

OK, the purple font HAS GOT TO GO. What are we in middle school? Grow up. Seriously. If you could doodle hearts and arrows in your blog, I am almost certain they'd be there. So I am changing it back to black. Oh, do you really think your favorite color has ANYTHING to do with your personality? What if you are blind? What if my fave color is light blue, and that is not an option? Believing your fave color says anything about your temperament or personality is fallacious. As fallacious as astrology. Oh dear, you believe in astrology as well? This explains why you are capable of believing many things based on faith. This explains also why you seem to be so fond of CG. You are very similar in many ways. You both have a very nasty streak—like to hit below the belt. You are both never married, single, childless, and overweight. And you both post private messages on the forums or in your blogs. Very unethical, to say the least. Says a great deal about your character. You are not to be trusted. Also it harps back to that hoarding habit. Saving private messages? For what reason? Ammunition? Evidence? You don't LET ANYTHING GO.

Friends are another thing you hoard. Like Solo friends, which you keep mentioning you have, from so many years ago. Guess what? Two of those old 'friends' of yours are actually my friends. I still interact with them regularly. One of them doesn't have anything nice to say about you at all. Thinks Chris was a figment of your imagination. He thought your whole blog was a joke—the rantings of a lunatic. But whatever. Glad you have friends here. No one EVER said you didn't.

There was never a gang. I made this clear to you before. I am civil with most people. They turned on me because they don't want friends on Solo. That is NOT why they are here. My opinion is that, I was a means to an end. Viva in particular wanted CG banned. Once his efforts failed, I lost utility. They are loyal to no one. It says nothing about me. Plus, really, I have nothing in common with any of them—except maybe Skylarker. We both enjoy writing. That is about it, Leslie.

You are in denial, a liar, or have not been paying attention. Is calling someone fat after being stalked and harassed non-stop for months on end, really the worst thing that I could have said to her? Is it worse than her suggesting I am having an incestual relationship with my son? Did you miss that one? Or was it willful ignorance? Perhaps being childless yourself, you failed to grasp the cruelty of it? Perhaps being childless herself, was the reason such a comment could have been uttered? It was the sickest thing I have read on theses forums—ever. Morrissey could have AIDS. I could NEVER have this kind of relationship with my son. The former is speculation. The latter, defamation of character. So no, my comment was not worse. Especially when she claims she is proud of her looks and size. So apparently is was NOT even an insult to her. Or is she lying about that?

But Morrissey calls people fat dozens of times in his book. How come Morrissey can call people fat and you take no offense? But if I do, I am stooping to an all time low, one which your best friend would never even stoop to? I guess she is better than Moz then? Might want to check your logic there. And btw, your anorectic friend may not call people fat. But believe me, she is thinking they are. I'll bet my right arm on it.

I understand why, as an overweight woman, you took personal offense to my comment, however. I did not mean to hurt the feelings of every overweight person on the forum. I actually DO regret those comments. Now that David has placed a ban on her trolling me and Robby outside the Pigsty, she has not been stalking or harassing me. This ban led to severe frustration, so she acted out where she could—in the Pigsty—starting that hate thread to vent. That is what the Pigsty was set up for, apparently. And it has been working. I knew I could ignore her on my own. She needed Big Brother to step in and make her ignore me. The forum has been so much nicer without her hate being spewed all over the place. Her not baiting and stalking me means I am not having to defend myself at every turn or resort to insulting her just to get a shot in. No one, shy of you and a few trolls, think that thread in the Pigsty is admirable. She looks like a complete tool for starting it. You are a fool if you think it is justified. This speaks greatly about your character—another CG commonality. I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt and suggest it is all due to ignorance—you have no idea what was going on in the forums, but I am not so sure.

I've never commented on Hitch's weight, neither when he was well, nor after he took ill. NEVER. It does not offend me in the slightest that you think Hitchens was fat. What does offend me, however, is that you read his book and are still a practicing Catholic. Clearly you failed to comprehend exactly what you read. Oh wait, you said you had the book, you didn't say you actually read it. No time for that right? Too busy making other people feel good? And look good? Why not try nurturing yourself for once? Feed your mind. People who spend ten hours a day pampering others need to take time to pamper themselves. I could NEVER do what you do. Give, give, give. Emotional prostitution, imo. CG more intelligent? No. And why would you be capable of judging such a thing, anyway? That is like asking a high school dropout to sit as a judge in a bench trial. You are not endowed with the ability/qualifications to make such judgements. Let the intelligent folks among us decide these things.

I don't think you are educated or intelligent. Sorry. You are average. You may not have time to post or get into debates with others here. No time for ongoing, thought-provoking discussions. Fine. Completely understandable. But if you are going to have a blog, you might as well give us your best. The content and style of your blog is subpar. It is not engaging, informative, interesting, inspiring, enlightening, or humorous. It is dull—like you. Half of the entries are videos celebrating one of your many idols—a death, a birthday, etc. Boring. Pedestrian. So no, I don't think there is much ability there at all.

No, you NEVER SEE the latter. That is EXACTLY what I, and others, are doing. All that talk about his vegetarian hypocrisy and misogynistic lyrics and prose, IS about discussing these ideas in general. What does it mean when he says this or that? Why does he say these things? How does it make me feel? How do these things relate to society at large? You have no idea what the differences are between ad hominem (to the man) attacks and critiques of behaviors and ideas, do you? You have no real critical thinking skills. Another thing that points to your lack of education and reasoning ability.

Oh, I thought you said you lacked time. (I said you lacked ability.) Hmm. Now you are saying you lack ambition. You'll sort it out one day, I am sure.

I hope so. I will hold you to that.

See Part I.
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