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It has been stated that I...

Read Salon by both Pet Troll and Saddo. FALSE. I never read Salon. I read Slate.

Am a politically correct liberal. Actually, I am a classic liberal, not a bleeding heart, white apologist. When it comes to foreign policy, I am more inline with the hawks than the doves.

Photoshopped my selfie pic to remove wrinkles. I did nothing whatsoever to alter that pic. It went straight from my camera to flickr to Solo. Check the exif data for proof.

Slept with a married man. Why yes, true. Once, 26 years ago, when I was still a teenager. I felt guilty. Didn't do it again.

Have a wrinkly neck. Why no, I don't.

Am desperate for a boyfriend. No. Not at all. But I wouldn't mind having a charming lover who could both stimulate my mind and body.

Was abandoned by both my ex husbands. False. I filed for divorce from the first. He did not want to divorce. The second was a mutual split.

Am unlovable. The people that matter most to me love me very much and enjoy my company. And I love and adore them as well. Can't wait to see Future Islands with my son on the 2oth of April. He is so excited as well. Loves his mama very much.
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