After the film ended, I wondered...

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TJust saw the film Mr. Turner. At the end of the movie I was left with a question: What became of the housekeeper?


Ever have a question(s) pop into your head after the movie is over... or a day later? This will be an ongoing post—to be modified when new movies come to mind.

Warning ~ Movie Spoilers Ahead

Mr. Turner: What became of the housekeeper?
Birdman: Was that movie way overrated, or what?
Gone Girl: What the heck did we just watch? Did Chris Nolan direct this?
The Riot Club: Are there actually young men who act like that in real life?
Leviathan: Do modern day Russian men really drink that much vodka? Apparently they do and it's killing them.
Nightcrawler: Was that a satisfying ending or what?!
Fifty Shades of Grey: What a ride; when is the next one due to be released?
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