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    Netflix: no breaks; no commercials; no pauses to go pee; no opportunities to defocus—just one episode after another—binge-watching on the cheap. With a trial subscription it's free for thirty days. Thirty free days to get you hooked. Once hooked, your endless drug supply will cost a mere $7.99 a month. That is less than 30 cents a day for all the TV shows and movies one can ingest. Is there a cheaper drug on the market? Doubtful.

    I spent the last few days in a daze-induced Dexter bingefest. By the time the sun went down last night, I was thoroughly drugged—in a toxic stupor. I needed air. Exercise. Human interaction. Having a few days off work in a row is not always in one's best interest. I didn't even put on mascara or a bra all weekend. What a waste of free time. I could have been outside enjoying the cooler weather. Or even have gone out on a date or two. But no. I chose to hole myself inside all weekend and watch episode after episode of a TV show about a serial killer. I feel heavy—hungover—this morning. Work will save me—for now—until tonight, when I return home—when/where Netflix is just one tab click away. Will I be able to resist when boredom sets in after 6 pm?

    What happened to watching one episode a week? Isn't that the safe and healthy way to view? It would be if I had a TV hooked up. Can I possibly be expected to watch in moderation when I can binge-watch instead? Who eats just one potato chip when there is a whole bag on offer, right? Same thing. It looks like my only option is to not renew my subscription at the end of the month. That way I won't be tempted to view. But if I am going to cancel my Netflix, shouldn't I hurry up and watch as many Dexter episodes as I can before it expires?

    Netflix is the Devil. And it knows it.
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    Gilligan's Island
    The Brady Bunch
    I Dream of Jeanie
    Green Acres
    I love Lucy
    Fantasy Island
    The Loveboat
    The Jeffersons
    Little House on the Prairie
    The Waltons
    Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.


    Happy Days
    Laverne and Shirley
    Eight is Enough
    Who's the Boss?
    Growing Pains
    Three's Company
    Family Ties
    The Facts of Life
    Charlie's Angels

    Young Adult

    L.A. Law
    Thirty Something
    Ally McBeal
    Northern Exposure


    Sex and the City
    Desperate Housewives
    A Cook's Tour
    No Reservations
    Parts Unknown
    Top Chef
    Project Runway
    Flipping Out
    Millionaire Matchmaker
    Two and a Half Men
    The Big Bang Theory
    Mad Men
    The Sopranos
    Breaking Bad
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    What's to do when suffering with insomnia? Why, watch Christmas videos on YouTube, of course.

    Growing up, my brother and I's favorite Christmas flick was The Year Without a Santa Claus. This song is a riot... Mr. Snow Miser/Mr. Heat Miser Song ...


    From Santa Claus is Coming to Town... Put One Foot in Front of the Other...


    Another from Santa Claus is Coming to Town... sung by Fred Astaire...


    Another one from SICTT... Buger Meister Meister Burger...


    This one is from the film The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It is my mom's fave holiday film. This is the theme song...

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    Oscars Ballot 2013, Oscars 2012, Oscar Ballot 2012, In Bed With Oscar, Oscars 2011.

    If it is in red, it is also my personal choice.

    Best Picture ~ Argo
    Best Director ~ Steven Spielberg
    Best Actor ~ Daniel Day-Lewis
    Best Actress ~ Emmanuelle Riva
    Best Supporting Actor ~ Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Best Supporting Actress ~ Anne Hathaway
    Best Foreign Language Film ~ Amour

    The Aftermath!

    Argo wins Best Picture! Yeah! Great film and deserving of the top honors. Too bad Affleck didn't win Best Director. He wasn't even nominated in this category. Idiots!


    I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Affleck, mostly behind the camera.

    Best Director Oscar goes to Ang Lee for Life of Pi. Arrgh. Don't like his films. The critics panned this film. And its religious themes kept me from even seeing it.

    Best Actor goes to Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln, of course. No one expected otherwise.

    Best Actress goes to Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook. Great film. Great performance. But I still think Emmanuelle Riva pulled off a more challenging and memorable role in Amour. Ah but it was in French. The Academy voters shy away from films with subtitles--takes too much effort. And they can't be viewed on their iPhones--text is too small to read.

    Best Supporting Actor goes to Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained--another film I didn't see. And as you know, there weren't many. Tarantino's films have become boring, redundant, and predictable.

    Best Supporting Actress goes to Anne Hathaway for Les Misérables. She's great in everything she does. Deserved an Oscar. If not for this, then for the sum of all her roles. Do they give Oscars out for past accomplishments? I hear they do.

    Amour wins Best Foreign Language Film--and rightly so!

    And as for the Best Dressed of the evening. All I shall say is that ALL red carpet walkers were dressed better than me. :p
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    To be updated weekly...

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    Best 2012 releases:

    Take This Waltz
    Side by Side
    Game Change
    Zero Dark Thirty
    The Hunger Games
    Silver Linings Playbook
    Pitch Perfect (for fun factor)

    Best non-2012 films:

    8 ½
    Gates of Heaven
    2001 Space Odyssey
    My Dinner With Andre
    Some Like It Hot
    The Apartment
    This is Not a Film
    La Dolce Vita
    Bonnie and Clyde



    The Magic of Reality
    Poorly Made in China: An Insider's Account of the China Production Game
    One Day
    Steve Jobs
    Hunting Eichmann
    Why Does the World Exist?: An Existential Detective Story
    Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account


    Fave artist discoveries:

    The Courteeners
    Chapel Club
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    The Sisters of Mercy
    The National
    This Mortal Coil

    Most listened to artists (non-new):

    New Order
    Joy Division
    The Smiths/Moz
    The Cure
    The Horrors
    Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder
    Depeche Mode
    The Drums

    Fave websites this year:




    Charlie Rose


    New shows:

    The Layover
    Million Dollar Decorators

    Non-new shows:

    The Big Bang Theory
    Two and a Half Men
    Mad Men
    Downton Abbey
    The Good Wife
    No Reservations
    Gossip Girl

    Guilty pleasures:

    Flipping Out
    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
    The Real Housewives of Orange County
    Top Chef
    Interior Therapy
    Project Runway


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    Flashback, post number four and last one. These blog entries center around the little things in life and those fleeting moments...

    What is more fleeting than a sunrise? Taken outside my apartment on the early morning of November 2, 2012.


    The first one is from March 26, 2005...


    I still love The Cure. And have been listening to them a lot over the last few weeks.

    This one is from November 23, 2006...


    Fleeting moments... still grateful for so many things. Time changes the scenery, but my heart is still full of joy and wonder.

    This one is from June 17, 2006...


    Wow, that movie wouldn't have that same effect upon me today. Must of touched a nerve for some reason. I guess it's all about one's frame of mind and station in life at the time. The last movie I saw that stirred something in me was Take The Waltz, which I watched a few months ago. Great film.

    This one is from July 3, 2006...


    It was a wonderful visit. By the end of it, we were all exhausted. We never got to go on the balloon ride. The trip was cancelled by the company due to heavy rain and flooding the night before. Last year my mom visited once again and we had scheduled another balloon ride. Guess what? The trip was cancelled once again for the same reason. Will I ever go up in a hot air balloon? Not so sure. But I want to.

    A few days later...


    Pearl Jam was amazing. What a dream come true.

    This one is from January 10, 2010... not that long ago, actually...


    This was actually a pretty taxing time in my life. I was newly separated from my husband and my son had moved out of the condo. I was alone for the first time in many years. Everything was in transition. Thank goodness for Roseanne right?
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    These are the latest and greatest kibbles and bits that I am devouring at the moment...

    The Big Bang Theory

    I just started watching this hilarious television show. Right now I am a third of the way through season two. Yes, I have indulged in another series binge watch. Towards the end of season one, I began to wonder if this show could continue to be interesting. Sheldon's character seemed to have the potential of becoming redundant. But I took a day off from watching. And my interest has been renewed. This is a really clever, intelligent show. The characters are endearing and the writing is top notch. I'm sticking with it. Season six has just begun. I hope to get caught up to this moving train asap.

    Fifty Shades of Grey - The Film

    The screenwriter for the upcoming film has been announced. And casting suggestions are still pouring in--something that surely will continue until the official cast is announced. I stumbled upon this article today. I think it does a thorough job of breaking down the picks and highlighting the pros and cons for each. Remember my casting picks?

    How Music Works by David Byrne

    I just started reading this eBook. I am a fan of The Talking Heads. But one need not be to enjoy Byrne's mostly non-autobiographical tour of the world of music. Byrne meticulously pulls back the curtain for us non-musicians and gives us an insider's look into the underpinnings of the music world. So far, I have learned a great deal about how the environment shapes the type of music that is created. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this book.

    Morrisey-Solo Forums

    Entertainment at its finest? Perhaps not, but it's stimulating enough to keep me coming back. I like the people who post here. They are a diverse group. This diversity is what makes it an interesting place to visit and interact. I like that there are sensitive, Moz-obsessed vegans as well as extroverted, witty intellectuals. There's room for everyone.
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    After my seriously brain-draining last blog post about consciousness and other metaphysical stuff, I aim to keep this post light and ridiculously irrelevant.

    So, the London 2012 Olympics have come to a close. I can't provide much commentary on the games themselves as I only tuned into the men's and women's artistic gymnastics competitions. But as you may recall, I live-blogged the opening ceremony. For the closing ceremony, I have decided to post screen captures of my favorite visuals as seen in my BBC recorded broadcast of the ceremony.

    Here are my top ten favorite WTF? visual moments:

    Winston Churchill pops out of Big Ben—like a stripper popping out of a cake—then quotes Shakespeare.


    Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of The Pet Shop Boys perform West End Girls as they parade around the arena in bicycle pulled chariots wearing black cone shaped hats. Very advant garde.


    Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill plays as we are treated to a black and white visual montage of Olympic events from the 2012 games. Danny Boyle must have a foot fetish.


    Just a little closing reminder, in case anyone should have forgotten, the London Olympics were about Freedom, as opposed to the Beijing Olympics which were about totalitarianism. George Michael sings Freedom, of course, as the lit propaganda repeatedly scrolls along the visual marquee.


    Giant billboards with black and white images of famous fashion models are paraded around the arena while David Bowie's iconic song, Fashion, plays. Oddly, all the models are lying on their backs. Is this how they do their best work? Oh that was cruel!


    Annie Lennox reenacts a scene from the film, Titanic—a la gothic style, while singing Little Bird.


    Russel Brand enters the arena standing atop a psychedelically painted bus singing, Pure Imagination, from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He then proceeds to sing a cover of The Beatles', I am the Walrus, through a megaphone as female violinists in trippy leotards and white capes provide the music accompaniment.


    DJ Fatboy Slim spins tunes, including, Right Here, Right Now and The Rockafeller Skank from a giant neon plastic octopus while dancers in 80's style outfits shake their booties.


    The torch is passed to Brazil. Oh looks as though we may be in for a great opening ceremony come 2016.


    The Who closes the ceremony looking and sounding fantastic! Love those shoes! Great job London. Well done indeed.


    As you can see the Olympics closing ceremony can be summed up in one word: quirky.
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    These are the television shows I watch--always on my PC. Looking forward to the new seasons this fall.





    Mad Men


    The Good Wife


    Top Chef


    Flipping Out


    Gossip Girl


    Downton Abbey


    No Reservations


    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


    In the meantime, I'm watching Project Runway, Top Chef Masters, and The Real Housewives of New York City.
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    **7/21/12 ~ Update at bottom of post...
    *7/10/12 ~Update near bottom of post...

    Just as the temperatures outside reach their highs, my cultural pursuits hit all-time lows. Can it get any worse than consuming all three books in the Fifty Shades of Grey series in less than a week’s time? And if that weren’t enough, to continue the obsession by blogging about the books—twice—as if I hadn’t already spent enough time reading the texts? There was the artwork—the painting of Christian Grey. Then the pondering of the upcoming film—and who should be cast in it. There I was, hunting down photos, reading bios, checking ages, availability… silly me. I think I'm done for now. But I may have a relapse.

    But now I really know I’m playing in the lowbrow sandbox because last night I was reading the book Brangelina. This is bad on so many levels. But… the book is actually a page-turner, if you’re into that sort of thing—celebrity gossip, which I am. It’s light, mindless reading. But, there’s a little dirt involved. I like that.

    Sinking deeper, I am now watching the first season of Gossip Girl. I’m late to this mean girls party. I'm surprised I was invited at all. It’s Heathers plus Cruel Intentions on steroids. Ouch!

    Can it get any worse than this? Maybe. I hear August is even hotter than July.

    *7/10/12 Update ~ Finished Brangelina. The brand isn't even mentioned until chapter 17 out of 19. This book reveals nothing that hasn't already been written about in the press. The author is a paparazzi with a pen who suffers from ADD—unable to focus on the subject of the book. He trails off in odd directions, talking about breaking into a mental institution, attending a support group for Sibs—all with the intention of getting answers to Angelina's mysterious behaviors. None of his investigations pay off and it leaves the reader scratching her head as to why he even mentioned his efforts—unless it's all filler—which it certainly is. Don't bother with this one, unless of course you are stranded in some remote location and it is the only thing to read—which we know will never happen.

    I'm enjoying the teenage characters on Gossip Girl but could do with out the parents and their arrested development storylines. What demographic are the writers appealing to if I am the parent's age cohort, yet am more interested in the kids? Senior citizens perhaps? Do they watch this show?

    Love, love, love Blair Waldorf's bathroom window. Jealous.


    Haven't thought about Christian Grey for days. I think he was just a passing fancy. Aren't they all?

    *7/10/12 Update ~ Just finished seasons one through five of Gossip Girl. Talk about binge watching! The show definitely has its charms i.e. the setting, the clothing, and the delightfully manipulative, socially ambitious, love-hungry characters.

    My faves are Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, and Dan Humphrey.


    I could do without Serena, Jenny, and Eric. They're all whiny, brainless, and self-absorbed--in an irritating way. Fortunately, two of them are no longer full time cast members. Too bad Serena is still around.
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    We're all ad men to our own lives.

    Mrs. Holloway: I raised her to be admired.

    Don Draper: Joan-ie, you don't have to put on the red light.

    Joan: Oh Don, you're a good one aren't you.


    Many folks were understandably shocked when one of their favorite Mad Men characters, Joan Harris, agreed to spend a night with Herb Rennet in order for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to land the Jaguar account.

    They asked themselves, how could she?

    My thought is, why wouldn't she?

    We have already seen Joan suffer through years of ogling by office co-workers and clients. She has been tossed around like a toy by Roger Sterling and raped by her own husband. All that abuse, and for what? Nothing. She was still a lowly notch on the company totem pole. She was never going to rise above her position to gain more power and income by following the same path she had been on for the last thirteen years.

    She needed to pull out the big guns. And we know—and so does she—exactly what those guns are.

    Joan has something to sell, as we all do. Joan's greatest asset is her sexuality and she knows it. Unlike Pete Campbell, she wasn't raised with a silver spoon in her mouth—with a great education and waspy upbringing. Nor was she a child of nepotism like Roger Sterling who was handed a company by his father. And while she is talented, intelligent, and driven, her abilities fall short when stacked up next to the hyper-ambitious creatives Don and Peggy. And as for the rest of the rest of the SCDP guys, well they have their y chromosomes to be thankful for. This alone puts them ahead of the game at birth.

    How can Joan make partnership at SCDP? She can use the assets she was born with and the talents she was nurtured to embrace. She's got a great bod and a sensuality to be admired. These are valuable commodities—worth a lot on the market.

    What is one lousy night with a mildly disgusting client in the scheme of things? Is that anymore degrading than being raped by one's husband? She's already experienced worse and survived it without any tangible rewards. At least she has something to gain with this transaction. She'll acquire money and power and a future for herself and her child. She will finally be able to take her life in the direction she chooses—free of her despicable husband and the whims of Roger Sterling.

    Has Joan lost integrity through her choice to sleep with Herb? Not in my book. We all have something to sell. Is selling one's bod any different than selling one's education, upbringing, connections, or gender? No.
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    Scroll down to read Mad Men, Desperate Housewives, and Girls updates.

    So far, the movies this year have been quite dismal. Thank goodness summer is on its way so we can at least look forward to some entertaining blockbusters. I saw a preview for Snow White and the Huntsman on the big screen. The special effects look way cool. I'll definitely catch that one. As always, it won't be until the end of the year--around the time the awards season oils its gears--that the great films start to surface. Then it becomes a feast. Feast or famine appears to be the rule of thumb in the film world.

    Just got off a two week Desperate Housewives binge. The series finale is next Sunday, so I had embarked on a return tour of all eight seasons. I can't begin to list the many characters that have been killed off over the years. Honestly, I can't count that high. Most deserved their fates--no losses there. But a few deaths were tragic. Karl's and Mike's come to mind. Can't wait to see how they'll wrap up the show. Will Tom and Lynette get back together? Will Bree be found not guilty of murder? Will Susan follow Julie back to college? Will Gaby reunite with her daughter Grace? We'll soon find out.

    After my Desperate Housewives marathon ended, I was at a loss of how to peruse the remaining three weeks of my free Netflix trial month. A quick search led me to Mad Men. Nope, hadn't seen it. Of course I have been privy to the hype. Who hasn't? I usually steer clear of shows that the masses go gaga for such as Lost, The Sopranos, and The Wire. I've never seen a single episode of any of those shows. And I definitely duck and hide from brainless commercial hits like American Idol, The Bachelor, and Dancing With the Stars. Though I did catch a good part of DWTS one season, two years ago. But it's the same material again and again. Boring.

    Back to Mad Men. Love it. I'm now a card carrying fan. I am halfway through Season Three. Season Five is now airing on AMC. So I am playing catch-up here. That's the story of my life when it comes to TV shows and music. Though I have been watching HBO's new show Girls in a timely manner. How long will I be in tow? I don't know. Only time will tell.

    Mad Men Update:


    Well, I'm up to speed. Just finished watching Mad Men's Season Five, Episode Eight. I have now consumed 3,040 minutes of madness in a little less than two weeks. Obviously my Kindle is gathering dust on the shelf. I highly recommend this entertaining show. If you don't have the time or patience to watch Seasons One through Four before checking out the current season Five, here is a 7 minute video from the creative geniuses at Slate that will give you plenty of background info on the characters and their shenanigans: Mad Men in 7 Minutes.

    Desperate Housewives Update:

    Death has always been a major theme on Wisteria Lane beginning with Mary Alice's suicide by gunshot in Season One, Episode One. And last night's series finale didn't stray from this norm. Yet, the tone was much lighter. Karen McCluskey finally succumbed to cancer. But unlike nearly all the other deaths over the last eight seasons, her death was peaceful and dignified. I'm glad.

    If I were to get a copy of this last episode to review and pause, I would be able to get my answer to how many characters were killed off over the last eight seasons. In the last scene of the series, all the dead characters returned as ghosts wearing white clothes. Each was standing at the edge of the street to be seen by Susan as she and her family drove away from Wisteria Lane, never to return. But just like the characters and events of the Overlook Hotel, Wisteria Lane is sure to repeat itself, time and time again.

    Girls Update:

    Just watched Season One's Episode Five of Girls. I'm finding myself to be strangely drawn to the character Adam. Maybe it's because he looks like a cross between my late brother and Keanu Reeves. And also because he's odd and arrogant and charming and a bit sexy.