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    Been Listening to The Cure's Disintegration... this is the effect...



    Sappy silly school-girl giddy
    Weepy willowy must be sleepy

    Deeply feeling death knocking
    But don't bring flowers just yet

    Only thoughts in my head
    Will dissipate with rest


    And The Cure's Wish



    Head guarding heart
    So well, you can
    Barely tell

    Underneath the
    Hardened shell
    Is a soft cell

    Gently cracked
    Open, no longer

    Fragile, parts

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    A poem for a lazy Saturday morning...

  • realitybites

    If Only I Were Morrissey

    I want you to obsess over me
    Like you do with Morrissey

    Type your longings for me
    Into your online diary

    Collect locks of my hair
    Bid for pieces of me on eBay

    Quote all my spoken words
    Display my face on your t-shirt

    Fantasize about my touch
    As if plotting your stage hug

    Tattoo my name on your
    Arm in permanent ink

    Champion my values and views
    Post my daily habits as news

    If only I were Morrissey
    You'd be mine forever and completely
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    Will post them as they arise...


    A mole on your face
    You barely notice
    Until you get a glimpse of me
    In your bathroom mirror...


    Today I want to
    Hang-out with you
    Cause it's my birthday
    Nothin' I'd rather do

    Little Bug

    Little bug in a
    Lidded mug

    On the sill, until
    Last breath
    Now still


    Morbid, impossibly

    Full and Empty


    Little letters
    In my brain

    Skull breaks
    All rush out

    Plush Buddha

    Stuffed souvenir
    From the Korean fair

    Dangles from my
    Rear view mirror

    Musings From My Head

    Lying in my bed
    Come musings
    From my head

    Gotta get up
    Put pen to paper
    Before they disappear


    Strange Men

    Strange men
    They come and go

    Town Slut

    I'm the town slut
    Not really, but

    I do like to strut
    My stuff

    And On, And On

    This could go on
    For days

    My rattling, babbling
    Crazy ways

    Who Put the Fire in You?


    I feel connected to you

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    I haven't written a poem in a long time. I hadn't really been inspired, until now... Here it is...

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    Nothing more
    He wants

    Just a smile
    And a hello
    Is enough

    No object
    To possess

    No body
    To undress

    Just a smile
    And a hello
    Is enough
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    Home Coming

    There’s a land where I go
    When my energy is low
    And I long to escape.

    It’s a magical place
    Where girls wear horned-hats
    And vintage lace.

    Where a snow-shoed mother
    Pulls her infant across ice
    In a wooden carriage.

    It’s a world full of wonder
    With times-past colors
    And possibilities to ponder.

    Where kind and gentle faces,
    Welcome me home to a
    Warm, safe, and magical space.


    Painting is Home Coming by Ray Caesar
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