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  • realitybites

    Sunny days despite
    Yesterday's weather
    Bare thighs spite by
    Sticking to the pleather

    Pink lemonade sipped
    Through stripey straws
    All beef dogs topped
    With Grandma's slaw


    Makes his way home
    Examines his merits
    Broken and alone
    Emptiness cries out

    Staring in the mirror
    His bones shake and chill
    In one swallow he devours
    The entire bottle of pills


    Watching as Dawn
    Wakes at sunrise.
    "Morning little spawn."
    We say, gazing in her eyes.

    So happy to greet us
    She smiles and coos.
    Her little legs thrust
    In a melodic groove.


    Not seeking the best seat at the table
    A little chair at the corner will do
    Preferably not next to Aunt Mabel
    The head of course is reserved for you

    Soon you'll clear your throat and toast
    The engagement of Coraline von Goethe
    To our generous and gracious host
    It will be the fourth marriage for both


    Kit Carson City's Emerald Lake
    Droplets twinkling in the wake
    A two month long summer escape
    Life-long memories taking shape

    Fishing poles are ready in hands
    Baited hooks take off air-bound
    Got a bite!, cries, our youngest one
    Reel it in quickly, I call out, son!


    Watching time freeze
    Off the clock
    Slipping through trees
    Now lost

    Going nowhere fast
    Stuck in my tracks
    Straw hat, khaki slacks
    No future, only a past


    This Mississippi Mud Pie thang
    Is the latest ladies bake sale rage
    Not apple, cherry or lemon Meringue
    The new kid has taken the stage

    Times are changin' I tell ya
    Nothing looks the same
    So much different for a fella
    Not sure what or who to blame


    Hiking back up to play the game
    The song remains the same
    Sisyphus and his rock at the top
    Roll it down again never to stop

    Without an ounce of utility
    Living a life of desperate futility
    Day in and day out, up and down
    Endless circle, round and round


    Chasin' tornadoes on a motorcycle,
    With my lover from Cleveland, Michael.
    That was what we did last week.
    This winter we are skiing Peak n' Peak.

    Never a dull moment with this guy.
    Always up for an adventure on the fly.
    Says he climbed Mount Everest at twenty.
    At fifty he plans to scale Mount McKinley.


    Watching as Beauty charms the Beast
    Another Disney film to feast
    Haven't had a proper date in weeks
    I'm the girlfriend of an introverted geek

    By midnight my impatience grows
    He's playing games and eating Cheetos
    I'm chewing gum and painting my toes
    How much longer can I remain composed?


    I closed my eyes
    I could not hear
    Your stepping away
    As you disappeared.

    Memories of you now
    Are tiny pale sketches
    In my aging fragile mind
    Forever etched 'til death.


    The honey in the tree
    Drips into our tea.
    Tiny cakes decorate
    A bone china plate.

    A picnic for two
    Just me and you.
    A moment to savor
    Forever and ever.
  • realitybites
    I am not open-minded;
    My brain is not elastic;
    It's more like hardened plastic.

    I know you must agree;
    It is not difficult to see;
    Denying it would be silly.

    My beliefs are firmly planted;
    Opinions sort of cemented;
    Rarely changing over the seasons.

    A paradigm shift is unlikely;
    The skeptic in me prevents it;
    You'll have to do some persuading.

    Emotional appeals won't do;
    Reason and evidence are what's needed;
    Do you have what it takes to convince me?

    Debate is what I love to do;
    It's the platform to change convictions;
    It's the time when my mind adjusts.

    I'm not humble enough, I know;
    But I am not too proud and stubborn;
    I can see the flaws in my thinking.

    Just yesterday, I dismissed the semicolon;
    I said it was archaic and pretentious;
    Good writers, I claimed, never use it.

    But I was convinced otherwise;
    I saw the errors in my perception;
    Decided it was something worth embracing.

    Semicolons can be effective on the page;
    They alter the speed of the read;
    They change the reader's pace.

    So they are not overkill as I suggested;
    They have their time and place;
    Perhaps this poem has you convinced?
  • realitybites
    Don't lose momentum.
    You are on the right path.
    Be strong!
    Keep going!
  • realitybites

    Me, drifting,
    A motion.

    You, sailing,
    Swiftly by,
    A commotion.

    Hi there!
    I call out
    To you.
    You spy me.

    Oh hell.....o,
    You say.
    Faceless now.
    Further away.

    Slow, Stop!
    Don't go,
    I cry!

    Somewhere to be.
    Got an appointment
    With des.....stiny.

    So long,
    I mumble.
    You don't hear me.
    You're long gone.
  • realitybites
    Goodbye my loves. You once meant so much to me. I thank each and every single one of you for being there when I needed to listen, connect, learn, engage. I have moved on. You have all been replaced. Technology... innovation... killed off all of you, slowly, one by one.


    Let's have a memorial service.

    First, a poem...

    Nothing Gold Can Stay ~ Robert Frost

    Nature's first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leaf's a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay.

    And now let's listen to some great music:

    80's New Wave Synthpop Megamix - Blue Silver by Mcfly

  • realitybites
    In the event of my death,
    Please kindly hold your breath.
    Loved ones do not wish you to quote,
    Vacuous death cliches,
    Uttered by rote.

    You claim to speak from the heart,
    Offering condolences and support.
    But my prayers are with you, rest in peace,
    And she's in a better place, are insulting,
    To rationalists in mourning.

    If you must say anything,
    Just a few simple words will do.
    Tell my family and friends that,
    You are sorry for their loss,
    And for your own loss too.
  • realitybites
    I just put together a third PDF book titled, realitybites Returns. It contains all my blog entries from where realiybites back left off up until today.

    If you want to read it you can download it here:

    realitybites Returns free PDF download

    And here are some other PDFs you might want to download, or not:

    realitybites free PDF download

    realitybites back free PDF download

    Eleven Poems

    Just the Poems

    An Atheist in God's Sandbox

    Hilariously Depressing Moz Lyrics
  • realitybites

    I'll Wear Black for Both of Us

    I'll start grieving
    For both of us, today
    Pick the plot
    And dig the grave
    Write our eulogy
    Select songs to play
    Don't need flowers
    Never liked them anyway
    And I'll wear black
    For both of us, if that's OK
  • realitybites
    Maybe your pouty, punishing ways
    Aren't the healthiest for me.

    Perhaps I shouldn't sit here
    Cell in hand, waiting for your call...

    Craving that carefully doled out
    Morsel of approval.

    Maybe you shouldn't have to listen
    To my voice, loud and animated.

    Perhaps, a separation is in order
    Though it pains me to consider...

    Because I'm still inspired
    By what you do and who you are.
  • realitybites
    Simple trinket,
    Glaring, blaring
    Shocking, choking.

    Almost crashing,
    Shouldn't have been
    Looking while driving.

    Reality check in hand,
    Toss cell onto seat.
    Out of sight now. Wow!
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    Here is the poem that you told me to write. I just wrote it a few minutes ago while driving home. Sorry it took so long.

    Don't take pity
    That these flames,
    Have singed
    The hairs
    Off my
    Bony ankles.

    I walked into
    This fiery pit knowing,
    There would be
    Heat, and pain.
    I'm to blame.
  • realitybites
    I was in the middle of writing,
    A dark and dreary poem,
    When you called...

    Knocking me out...
    Of my stupor.
    But only temporarily.

    Now I'm back at it.
    Keyboard in front of me.
    Mind refocused.

    Okay, that's a lie.
    Not really focused at all.
    Clarity is long gone.

    Well then,
    Where was I?
    Ah yes, Hopeless...

    No, scratch that.
    Not hopeless.
    Never hopeless.

    Lets' see, then...

    Days in darkness.
    Air so heavy.
    Barely breathing.

    Mind is mush.
    Movement, painful.
    All's by rote.

    Future looking bleak.
    A past unable to tweak.
    Clinging to now...

    But losing my grip.
    Slipping, falling...
    Into the abyss.

    The end.

    That was pathetic.
    I know. But it's okay...
    Tomorrow's another day.
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    The suds
    Won't exit
    The drain.
    They pool
    Around the edges
    Of my feet
    And in between
    My toes.

    Go, I say!
    I push them forward
    And back
    To the left
    And to the right.
    But still
    They remain
    Clear in sight.
  • realitybites
    I still think of you in the shower
    Though I've changed my brand of shampoo.

    Memories of you reflecting in the suds
    Have taken on a different hue.

    You look kind and gentle and
    Well you never looked anything other.

    But, you also seem happy, at peace
    Possibly because you are free of me.

    Maybe I am better off too, I decide
    As the weight of you exits the drain.
  • realitybites
    Elegia (Longest Goodbye)

    No verse
    In tears

    If any

    To say
    To do