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    Tonight's the night baby! Me. Mom. Moz. Marquee. Leaving work at 3:30 PM. Will check into hotel in Tempe, go out for some drinks and tapas, then head to the venue. Don't need to be the first folks there. Not sure what kind of pics I'll get. Nothing worth posting on the tour thread, I'm sure. But I'll share what I get here.

    Soon Mom will find out what all the fuss is about.

    BTW, it's 86 F in Phoenix. I bet Moz is loving it!
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    Updates at Bottom.

    Wasn't sure I was up for a concert after the Manchester and Las Vegas tragedies. But I have been listening to Moz's new tracks all day at work-laughing my tail off. And I am in a good mood so I decided, what the hey, I am gonna take David to see Moz at the Marquee in Phoenix on November 16. Heck he lives there and I am only an hour and half away. I can leave after work, spend the night in Phoenix, then go into work later the next afternoon.

    I am meeting him in Sedona this Sunday for his birthday brunch. I am going to wrap the tickets in a giant, empty, air fryer box. And give the adventure to him for his birthday--includes dinner, drinks, parking, souveniers. (The joke being I was thinking about getting him an air fryer as I just bought one (thus the box) and love it. But he wasn't too impressed with the idea. He's gonna think the gift is an air fryer. I am so mean.)


    Update I: David is thrilled about the tickets. We saw him in Vegas ten years ago. Had a blast then. Should be a great time.

    Update II 10/17: Oh no! David may have to work in Tucson that week. My mom says she ill go if I twist her arm. Reserved a hotel near the venue. May be taking mom instead. We shall see. Either way it will be great fun.

    Update III: Mom is going to see Moz. David may be going as well. Three generations! Awesome. Am a bit worried about the MIM video. I don't think my mom will be too impressed. Restroom break? At the bar with our heads on the bar?
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    There is a new Moz book being released in May that claims to have the answers to all my questions. Preposterous. Think it will answer these?

    When was the last time Moz ate cheese?
    Does Moz still wear leather shoes?
    Does he read the forums at Morrissey-Solo?
    What does he think of the phrase cheese is murder?
    Did Moz have a crush on Johnny?
    Did he sleep with Johnny?
    Is Morrissey really bi?
    Is Damon bi?
    Did Moz sleep with Tina?
    What does Tina think about the less than flattering terms used to describe the female genitalia in Autobiography?
    Does Moz realize how hypocritical he sounds?
    Does he workout? How often?
    Does he secretly think Julia Riley is mentally unhinged?
    He never talks about reading current releases. Does he read? Own a Kindle or tablet?
    Why does he think technology is unsexy?
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    A lot of men can't dance—either because they are uncoordinated or self-conscious. Or both. Some do dance but not very well. They are stiff and/or unoriginal. But hey, more power to them—at least they are out there trying. Then there are professional dancers who are highly skilled athletes. But that gets old after a while as it looks so choreographed.

    Then there are the naturals. These guys got the moves. They shake and groove effortlessly—like butterflies fluttering across the sky. Billy Elliot—from the film Billy Elliot—is one of these dancers. As are Robert Smith, Michael Stipe, and Moz. They all have passion—inspiration running through their veins. They feel the music organically—become one with it. And each has his own style.

    My son is one of these dancers—a Billy Elliot.

    This last Friday I drove down to Phoenix to visit him. We went out to a club downtown and danced to live music until 2 am. I was blown away by just how amazing my son dances. But I was not the only one. Patrons literally cleared the floor to let him do his thing. It was adorable, charming, entertaining, skilled, free, flawless. Who would of thought a skateboarding whiz kid would also be able to dance so masterfully? I didn't. But coordination is key to both sports/activities—so it makes perfect sense.

    I wish I had some video footage to share. I know you would also be impressed. Next time I promise to film him.
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    The album, World Peace is None of Your Business, is about human agency—particularly the structures which limit it.

    Human agency is the capacity for humans to make choices. In World Peace is None of Your Business, Morrissey describes numerous situations where agency is limited or influenced by structures outside of one's control. Many of the songs address society's pressure to make individuals conform. Several other songs concern themselves with freedom: how much and how little the individual has to make choices in his or her life. In other words, the album is about the power struggle between the individual and society.

    World Peace Is None of Your Business ~ Government control

    You must not tamper with arrangements
    Work hard and sweetly pay your taxes
    Never asking what for

    Neal Cassady Drops Dead ~ Choice

    Victim or life's adventurer
    Which of the two are you?

    I'm Not a Man ~ Gender as a construct

    Ways to sit
    And of course
    Ways to stand
    I'm not a man

    Istanbul ~ War

    In Istanbul
    Give him back to me
    In Istanbul
    Give me back my brown eyed son

    Earth Is the Loneliest Planet ~ Anomie

    But you're in the wrong place
    And you've got the wrong face

    Staircase at the University ~ Conformity

    "If you don't get three As," her sweet daddy said
    "You're no child of mine and as far as I'm concerned, you're dead."

    The Bullfighter Dies ~ Rebellion

    Hooray, hooray
    The bullfighter dies
    Hooray, hooray
    The bullfighter dies
    And nobody cries

    Kiss Me a Lot ~ Liberation

    I don't care when or where
    I only care that the two of us are there

    Smiler With Knife ~ Surrender

    Time has frittered long and slow
    All I am and was will go

    Kick the Bride Down the Aisle ~ Heteronormativity

    She just wants a slave
    To break his back in pursuit of a living wage
    So that she can laze and graze
    For the rest of her days
    Write down every word I say

    Oboe Concerto ~ Indoctrination

    There's a song I can't stand
    And it's stuck in my head
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    I have been listening to World Peace is None of Your Business on repeat for the last three hours. It is a wonderful album. At least as brilliant as You Are the Quarry. The standout tracks for me are Staircase at the University, Art-Hounds, and Kiss Me a Lot. I also love Istanbul, The Bullfighter Dies, and World Peace is None of Your Business. I have listed the tracks in descending order from most favored to least. The order may change over time.

    1. Staircase at the University
    2. Kiss Me a Lot
    3. Art-Hounds
    4. Istanbul
    5. One of Our Own
    6. I'm Not a Man
    7. World Peace is None of Your Business
    8. Kick the Bride Down the Aisle
    9. Smiler with Knife
    10. The Bullfighter Dies
    11. Neal Cassady Drops Dead
    12. Julie in the Weeds
    13. Earth is the Loneliest Planet (Like the music but not the lyrics.)
    14. Oboe Concerto
    15. Mountjoy
    16. Scandanavia
    17. Forgive Someone
    18. Drag the River
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    All I want is just one kiss and I will know...

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    I miss the ocean. While I do love the mountains and rocks surrounding me, I am sadly landlocked here in Sedona. I've toyed with the idea of moving back to Florida—I have family there. And the Tampa Bay area has a wonderful boating community. Unless the ocean returns to the desert basin, I'm out of luck, as far as boating goes here.

    What about California? It has it all. I use to live in San Francisco and loved it there. But honestly, I prefer the warmer climate down south. I've gotten quite accustomed to sunny skies and temperatures above 90 F. Plus, southern California has the ocean and the mountains.

    Didn't CG say she has a spare room? :D

    Right now, I'm California dreaming...

    But a move is not out of the question. I'm seriously going to consider my options.
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    Don't you agree? Smile. Think of the good things in your life, in the world. The glass is more than half full. Life is short and you only get one chance. Make it the best you can. Tell mom you love her. Give your kid(s) a hug. Call that friend you haven't spoken to in years. Say hi to a stranger. Most of all, love yourself. You ARE lovable and special.

    I see trees of green,
    red roses too.
    I see them bloom,
    for me and you.
    And I think to myself,
    what a wonderful world.

    I see skies of blue,
    And clouds of white.
    The bright blessed day,
    The dark sacred night.
    And I think to myself,
    What a wonderful world.

    The colors of the rainbow,
    So pretty in the sky.
    Are also on the faces,
    Of people going by,
    I see friends shaking hands.
    Saying, "How do you do?"
    They're really saying,
    "I love you."

    Louis Armstrong
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    Rolling breathless off the tongue/the vicious street gang slang/I lean into a box of pine/identify the kid as mine.


    I cannot contain my excitement. The video promo for the single Istanbul is breathtaking! Pure poetry. I have fallen in love, once again...


    Download from my Box:

    Download Mp4 of promo video (thanks to FWD)
    Download Mp3 of spoken track (thanks to FWD)
    Download Mp3

    The studio track is fantastic. Just downloaded it from By far my fave Moz song in over a decade. Reminds me of Jack the Ripper. Has Boz written all over it.


    Lyrics to Istanbul:

    When he first cried
    His mother died
    I had tried to be his guide
    When he was born I was too young
    The father searches for the son

    In Istanbul
    Give him back to me
    Oh, Istanbul
    Give me back my brown-eyed son

    Moonlight jumping through the trees
    Sunken eyes avoiding me
    From dawn to dusk the hunt is on
    The father searches for the son

    In Istanbul
    Give him back to me
    In Istanbul
    Give me back my brown-eyed son

    On secret streets in disbelief
    Little shadow shows the lead
    Prostitutes; stylish and glum
    In amongst them you are one
    Oh, what have I done?

    Rolling breathless off the tongue
    The vicious street gang slang
    I lean into a box of pine
    Identify the kid as mine


    Jack the Ripper

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    Just downloaded WPINOYB. Amazing track. Have it on repeat. Love the chorus. And the ending is wonderful. Am so excited to hear the rest of this album. :)
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    I just heard this song for the fist time less than an hour ago. Actually I just learned of this band, Future Islands, as well. Check out this video that was posted on Solo...

    Seasons (Waiting on You)

    Then I bought their new album, Singles, online. It's fantastic! Then...

    I bought tickets to see them in Phoenix on April 20th. Whoo-hoo!


    ^^^ Look how cheap those tickets were!

    My son has no idea he is going with me. He is still sleeping. Too early to call. He lives right around the corner from the venue. So I'll drive down Sunday afternoon after work, go to the gig, crash at David's, then drive back Monday night.

    I am so excited!

    The Crescent Ballroom
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    Thanks to troubleluvsme for posting this on the forum. Hilarious. Relevant. Accurate. Priceless.
    Video: Somebody That I Used To Troll—Parody


    Now and then I think of something very clever
    Like when I said you were so crappy you should die
    My name is BigAndSexy123
    So I have online anonymity
    I seek attention with a name you will remember

    I could be convicted of a certain kind of madness
    Like making comments to offend, always offend
    I told you that your failure was immense
    Then I requested to be Facebook friends
    And I'll admit that I was sad you passed me over

    You didn't have to you shut your Newsfeed off
    Made out like you're not on LinkedIn
    But I know you're bluffing
    And I don't even read your blog
    But you won't let me comment
    About how it sucks
    You didn't have to block your videos
    Hit de-friend, delete your Twitter
    And then change your Tumblr
    I guess that I'll still read that, though
    Now you're just somebody that I used to troll
    Now you're just somebody that I used to troll

    Now and then I think of all the times that I viewed your contents
    Hard to believe you had an audience of more than one
    I said that all your work was gay
    Because I read it every single day
    And everything you do just blows
    So I wouldn't waste a comment on somebody that I used to troll

    You didn't have to you shut your Newsfeed off
    Made out like you're not on LinkedIn
    But I know you're bluffing
    And I don't even read your blog
    But you won't let me comment
    About how it sucks
    You didn't have to block your videos
    Hit de-friend, Delete your Twitter
    And then change your Tumblr
    I guess we can still email, though
    Now you're just somebody that I used to troll
    Somebody that I used to troll
    Somebody that I used to troll
    Somebody that I used to troll
    Now you're just somebody that I used to troll
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    Take a Joy Division adventure. Click a letter. Each takes you somewhere new. The first letter, J, is my favorite. Enjoy.