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    Tonight's the night baby! Me. Mom. Moz. Marquee. Leaving work at 3:30 PM. Will check into hotel in Tempe, go out for some drinks and tapas, then head to the venue. Don't need to be the first folks there. Not sure what kind of pics I'll get. Nothing worth posting on the tour thread, I'm sure. But I'll share what I get here.

    Soon Mom will find out what all the fuss is about.

    BTW, it's 86 F in Phoenix. I bet Moz is loving it!
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    Updates at Bottom.

    Wasn't sure I was up for a concert after the Manchester and Las Vegas tragedies. But I have been listening to Moz's new tracks all day at work-laughing my tail off. And I am in a good mood so I decided, what the hey, I am gonna take David to see Moz at the Marquee in Phoenix on November 16. Heck he lives there and I am only an hour and half away. I can leave after work, spend the night in Phoenix, then go into work later the next afternoon.

    I am meeting him in Sedona this Sunday for his birthday brunch. I am going to wrap the tickets in a giant, empty, air fryer box. And give the adventure to him for his birthday--includes dinner, drinks, parking, souveniers. (The joke being I was thinking about getting him an air fryer as I just bought one (thus the box) and love it. But he wasn't too impressed with the idea. He's gonna think the gift is an air fryer. I am so mean.)


    Update I: David is thrilled about the tickets. We saw him in Vegas ten years ago. Had a blast then. Should be a great time.

    Update II 10/17: Oh no! David may have to work in Tucson that week. My mom says she ill go if I twist her arm. Reserved a hotel near the venue. May be taking mom instead. We shall see. Either way it will be great fun.

    Update III: Mom is going to see Moz. David may be going as well. Three generations! Awesome. Am a bit worried about the MIM video. I don't think my mom will be too impressed. Restroom break? At the bar with our heads on the bar?
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    My bucket list is short. One of the things is to become a grandma. Wish fulfilled. My first grandson will be born early February.


    liam - Copy 2.png

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    There is a new Moz book being released in May that claims to have the answers to all my questions. Preposterous. Think it will answer these?

    When was the last time Moz ate cheese?
    Does Moz still wear leather shoes?
    Does he read the forums at Morrissey-Solo?
    What does he think of the phrase cheese is murder?
    Did Moz have a crush on Johnny?
    Did he sleep with Johnny?
    Is Morrissey really bi?
    Is Damon bi?
    Did Moz sleep with Tina?
    What does Tina think about the less than flattering terms used to describe the female genitalia in Autobiography?
    Does Moz realize how hypocritical he sounds?
    Does he workout? How often?
    Does he secretly think Julia Riley is mentally unhinged?
    He never talks about reading current releases. Does he read? Own a Kindle or tablet?
    Why does he think technology is unsexy?
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    The album, World Peace is None of Your Business, is about human agency—particularly the structures which limit it.

    Human agency is the capacity for humans to make choices. In World Peace is None of Your Business, Morrissey describes numerous situations where agency is limited or influenced by structures outside of one's control. Many of the songs address society's pressure to make individuals conform. Several other songs concern themselves with freedom: how much and how little the individual has to make choices in his or her life. In other words, the album is about the power struggle between the individual and society.

    World Peace Is None of Your Business ~ Government control

    You must not tamper with arrangements
    Work hard and sweetly pay your taxes
    Never asking what for

    Neal Cassady Drops Dead ~ Choice

    Victim or life's adventurer
    Which of the two are you?

    I'm Not a Man ~ Gender as a construct

    Ways to sit
    And of course
    Ways to stand
    I'm not a man

    Istanbul ~ War

    In Istanbul
    Give him back to me
    In Istanbul
    Give me back my brown eyed son

    Earth Is the Loneliest Planet ~ Anomie

    But you're in the wrong place
    And you've got the wrong face

    Staircase at the University ~ Conformity

    "If you don't get three As," her sweet daddy said
    "You're no child of mine and as far as I'm concerned, you're dead."

    The Bullfighter Dies ~ Rebellion

    Hooray, hooray
    The bullfighter dies
    Hooray, hooray
    The bullfighter dies
    And nobody cries

    Kiss Me a Lot ~ Liberation

    I don't care when or where
    I only care that the two of us are there

    Smiler With Knife ~ Surrender

    Time has frittered long and slow
    All I am and was will go

    Kick the Bride Down the Aisle ~ Heteronormativity

    She just wants a slave
    To break his back in pursuit of a living wage
    So that she can laze and graze
    For the rest of her days
    Write down every word I say

    Oboe Concerto ~ Indoctrination

    There's a song I can't stand
    And it's stuck in my head
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    This is what I think happened.

    Moz hires Steyn to be his bodyguard or security staff member. Moz requests that David Tseng be removed from the queue line at the Santa Ana gig as he has imposed a lifelong ban on David attending his concerts. In his classic hyperbolic style, Morrissey and/or the tour manger, adds/asks Steyn, either while alone or in the presence of other security team members, if David "could get hurt" and "could be gotten rid of." Then they discussed how to get his home address. I think these things may have been stated. But I don't think they were meant to be taken seriously. Was Steyn lost to the humor—not aware that this type of melodramatic trash talk is par for the course in the world of Morrissey?

    Steyn is fired soon after. He attributes his termination to David Tseng NOT being bruised and battered at his hands. He contacts the LAPD. They say he doesn't have a case. But a report is filed for the record. He contacts a lawyer and proceeds to file a wrongful termination suit. TMZ gets wind of it. That brings us to the present.

    What I see happening next is the case will find its way to the courtroom. Witnesses will be called. A jury will decide if Steyn was wrongfully terminated. If the witnesses are deemed credible and it can be shown that Morrissey and his management team did ask Steyn to rough up David and that his refusal most probably led to him being terminated, then Steyn will win the case and damages will be awarded by the court. Also criminal charges could be filed next. But if Steyn loses the civil suit, Moz could turn around and counter-sue—file a defamation of character suit. This could potentially go on for years. How long will we keep talking about it on Solo?

    So why did Morrissey post Steyn's real name and alias on TTY yesterday? Because Morrissey has poor judgment and the impulse control of a three year old. He feels embarrassed and angry and wants revenge. I don't think he fears criminal prosecution. He thinks HE has been wronged. He may have joked about David being hurt. But, according to him, it should/would have been clearly understood by anyone with have a brain that he was not seriously wishing bodily harm to come to David. And this lack of intellect is precisely why Steyn was let go. Not because he refused to act as a henchman.
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    I have been listening to World Peace is None of Your Business on repeat for the last three hours. It is a wonderful album. At least as brilliant as You Are the Quarry. The standout tracks for me are Staircase at the University, Art-Hounds, and Kiss Me a Lot. I also love Istanbul, The Bullfighter Dies, and World Peace is None of Your Business. I have listed the tracks in descending order from most favored to least. The order may change over time.

    1. Staircase at the University
    2. Kiss Me a Lot
    3. Art-Hounds
    4. Istanbul
    5. One of Our Own
    6. I'm Not a Man
    7. World Peace is None of Your Business
    8. Kick the Bride Down the Aisle
    9. Smiler with Knife
    10. The Bullfighter Dies
    11. Neal Cassady Drops Dead
    12. Julie in the Weeds
    13. Earth is the Loneliest Planet (Like the music but not the lyrics.)
    14. Oboe Concerto
    15. Mountjoy
    16. Scandanavia
    17. Forgive Someone
    18. Drag the River
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    Rolling breathless off the tongue/the vicious street gang slang/I lean into a box of pine/identify the kid as mine.


    I cannot contain my excitement. The video promo for the single Istanbul is breathtaking! Pure poetry. I have fallen in love, once again...


    Download from my Box:

    Download Mp4 of promo video (thanks to FWD)
    Download Mp3 of spoken track (thanks to FWD)
    Download Mp3

    The studio track is fantastic. Just downloaded it from By far my fave Moz song in over a decade. Reminds me of Jack the Ripper. Has Boz written all over it.


    Lyrics to Istanbul:

    When he first cried
    His mother died
    I had tried to be his guide
    When he was born I was too young
    The father searches for the son

    In Istanbul
    Give him back to me
    Oh, Istanbul
    Give me back my brown-eyed son

    Moonlight jumping through the trees
    Sunken eyes avoiding me
    From dawn to dusk the hunt is on
    The father searches for the son

    In Istanbul
    Give him back to me
    In Istanbul
    Give me back my brown-eyed son

    On secret streets in disbelief
    Little shadow shows the lead
    Prostitutes; stylish and glum
    In amongst them you are one
    Oh, what have I done?

    Rolling breathless off the tongue
    The vicious street gang slang
    I lean into a box of pine
    Identify the kid as mine


    Jack the Ripper

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    World peace is none of your business
    You must not tamper with arrangements
    Work hard and sweetly pay your taxes
    Never asking what for

    What is Morrissey saying? Where are his ideas coming from? Russell Brand? Perhaps. But Brand is not a creator of ideas just a distributor with a comedic twist. I think the real thinker behind it all is Stephan Molyneux. I've just started reading his books which are all available for free as audiobooks or eBooks on his website. His Freedomain Radio Podcast is very popular and is touted as: The Largest Philosophy Conversation in the World.

    What do Morrissey (apparently), Brand, and Banksy all have in common? Anarchy. The word “anarchy” evokes images of dangerous mobs, spiky-haired youths hurling garbage cans through Starbucks windows, and the chaos of the war of all against all. However, the word “anarchy” simply means “without rulers” - and this state of affairs is something we desperately desire and defend in so many areas of our own lives. ~ SM

    Oh oh, you poor little fool
    Oh oh, you fool

    Remember the Brand Rant?:


    Each time you vote you support the process

    Stephan Molyneux addresses Brand:


    I think Brand is more of an anarcho-syndicalist (think Chomsky) whereas Molyneux is an anarcho-capitalist. Morrissey? Not sure where he lies on the spectrum—if at all. While he does seem to be considering these ideas, he also calls for regulation—outlawing things like eating animals and hunting seals. Or is he just raising awareness, hoping people will change their behaviors voluntarily? If he has in fact caught the anarchist fever then surely he'll be ditching that cross one day soon, no? For one cannot truly be an anarchist and not be atheist. No gods; no masters.

    Stephen Molyneux is a strong atheist. His refutation of agnosticism and belief is very good:


    He has a pleasant and engaging voice. Not sure if he will ever take a place in my head and heart like Hitchens did. But I am open to letting another thinker in.

    Listen to audiobooks online:

    Everyday Anarchy

    Practical Anarchy
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    Just downloaded WPINOYB. Amazing track. Have it on repeat. Love the chorus. And the ending is wonderful. Am so excited to hear the rest of this album. :)
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    I am neither vegan nor vegetarian; I eat beef. But that does not make me a monster who is incapable of feeling empathy for bulls. I do care about animal welfare. Unnecessary suffering is immoral; bullfighting is immoral; it's archaic and barbaric; it's torture porn—one step removed from the gladiatorial shows of yesteryear.

    Morrissey's new track, The Bullfighter Dies, is an anthem which cries out against this blood circus. Bullfighting is still legal in Spain, France, Mexico, and Texas. Yes, freaking Texas!

    I don't want any creature to die needlessly in a bullfighting arena. But if a matador is going to be a sadist and repeatedly stick a bull until it weakens and bleeds to near death in front of an audience of torture voyeurs, then I am going to be rooting for the bull—no ifs ands or buts.

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    Seems like shaming is a favorite pastime for certain forum members. Why do some shame more than others? What gives them a sense of moral superiority, entitlement, and chutzpah to do it? I am not a psychologist. But I am certain there are a few theories out there to explain it. These are the Shaming Threads that have been erected (or resurrected) since January 1 of this year—the last four months— in the Off-topic and Pigsty forums. The archives are full of them, I'm sure.

    Thread title is followed by thread starter. It is ALL about the thread starter. The lynch mob, however, obviously has a hand in it as well, otherwise the thread would simply die. I'll start by listing the epitome of a shaming thread, started by the resident Shamer No1Uno, who is not an outright troll but more of a passive aggressive instigator. Hides behind a thin veneer of civility when in fact he is the most self-righteous poster on the forum with an unhealthy dose of narcissism. Judge, jury, and executioner rolled into one (seven out of the fifteen threads were started by him). This thread was quite popular. And very revealing. Especially when the shaming was done to a person who was not even around to defend himself. The thread was two dimensional, as it also was an attempt to shame me for defending the shamed target. Anyone studying lynch mob mentality should have a look at this first thread. Most of the shaming threads are in the Pigsty. Are you surprised? I'm not. The thread starter knew it was going to get ugly. That was the point.

    Steve Croce - disappeared - Shamer No1Uno (almost 17,00 views)

    Omitting Personal Pronouns - Shamer Skylarker

    The truth according to whom
    - Shamer No1Uno

    Regular Posters - Shamer No1Uno

    Have you forgotten Robby? I didn't. - Shamer Viva Hate

    The FBE Appreciation Thread - Shamer Mozza220559 (a dud)

    Which takes more of a pounding? - Shamer Viva Hate

    Post then.........delete - Shamer No1Uno

    Celebrities lookin' at ass - Shamer Viva Hate

    Pathetic Losers Trying Desperately to Look Like Morrissey - Shamer Skylarker

    Pray for realitybites - Shamer CrystalGeezer

    Oh what manners we have - Shamer No1Uno

    Shaming - Shamer No1Uno (oh the irony)

    Symbolic stuff one person gives a crap about
    - Shamer No1Uno

    Who should realitybites date next? - Shamer CrystalGeezer

    There are also threads that start out as normal threads about various topics but get hijacked by the Shamers and thus become shame threads:

    Misnomers - Hijacked by Shamer Viva Hate

    The BBFC (BrummieBoy Fan Club) Thread - Hijacked by Shamer Viva Hate

    Of course, the hijacker of all hijackers of threads—with the attempt to shame—was (let's hope it is a was) Pet Troll.

    Notice how all the threads were started or hijacked by one of the resident trolls or instigators?!

    Have I ever started a Shaming Thread? No. Have I made shaming posts? Yes, guilty on many occasions. FBE is my signature Shamemark.

    Is this a shaming blog post? Yes, it is.

    Have I made other similar blog posts? Probably quite a few. What is the appeal in shaming? Separates us from the shamed. Defines what we are not. Reinforces our values and beliefs—solidifies them. Seeks to change the behavior of the shamed. Or, at its most base, it could be to seek revenge or to lash out—humiliate another.

    Morrissey is the master of shaming, btw. Almost all of his TTY posts are about shaming someone or some group. As are his statements in the press. But if you really want to see his shaming at its finest, don't look to TTY or the press, simply open Autobiography and start with page one.

    Look at the list of threads above. Look at who started the most threads. Is there a correlation between shame and overachieving? Do children who are shamed become either deeply insecure, troubled adults or neurotic perfectionists? Is shaming ever a good thing? Does the Shamer ever have the right to sit in judgement? Are some things just flat out wrong that they warrant shaming? Or is shaming just one person or group trying to impart their values, beliefs, and ways of doing things upon another person or group? Kind of the opposite of live and let live. Curiously, so many fly that banner; so few actually believe it deep down. Shaming proves this. Do things this way or you should feel ashamed. I am better than you. I am right; you are wrong. Get in line. My way or the highway to Shame-hell. It is interesting to me that the people who cry the loudest about being judged are the most judgmental of all (Morrissey and the trolls, and yes, myself). The anti-regulators and libertarians who shame are the biggest hypocrites of all. Think about it.

    There are also Shaming Signatures. Viva is flying one, as is Brummie and Fer, and so am I. There are probably more.

    Here is a little song to close out this post. Don't be ashamed to admit you like it. I'm not.

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    There is no such thing as objectivity. Everything is a construct—constructed by subjects.

    No one is capable of being completely objective. We all start with a subject—ourselves. Even in eastern philosophy—though they fervently deny there is such as thing as 'self'—a person cannot think, feel, make decisions, or critiques without the self being a part of the picture. All film, food, art, and music critics critique from a place of subjectivity. Even you do. You choose to read about certain bands and genres and ignore others. We cannot consume all the culture out there. Our ignorance prevents us from being 'objective.' How do you know what you are missing? You don't even know what you don't know, most of the time.

    Scientists may conduct their research using objective methods—quantitative research. But even then, the subjectivity is never left outside of the lab. What theory will they test? What area of research? Who did they study under? How much funding do they have for this research? How many assistants will they have? So many variables influence their 'science.' Objectivity is a goal. Not an absolute.

    As far as philosophy goes, the more I learn about the different traditions and philosophers the more I see just how subjective the whole thing is. Philosophers are almost always egotistical and self-absorbed. And they build upon the works of other egotistical and self-absorbed thinkers. Objective? Hardly. Once a branch in philosophy becomes objective, it leaves the philosophy department. All sciences and mathematics were once branches of philosophy. "I think therefore I am," claims to assert an objective truth about reality—from a subjective position. :squiffy: Perhaps logic, physics, and mathematics are more in line with objectivity. But bring the mathematician, logician, and physicist into picture, and you have now contaminated anything that was once potentially pure, with subjectivity.

    Law, objective? Never. Law is a construct. Constructed by human subjects. It was not something discovered. Some a priori entity. Like Plato's Forms. Even the concept of 'human rights' is a construct. Animal rights? A construct. Justice? A construct. Fairness? Depends on who you are asking. All completely subjective—constructed by subjects. Interpreted by subjects. The beauty of the Constitution of the United States is that it is NOT objective at all. It is a living and breathing document that is capable of changing with the times as the society and her subjects change. Subjects will interpret its contents differently to suit their needs. Brilliant, isn't it?! A perfect subjective construct. Perhaps objectivity is overrated. Even an illusion.

    Hater and lover are constructs.

    Do haters hate themselves and so they project this hate upon a musical artist—Morrissey? They are misogynistic so they project misogyny onto Morrissey? They are uncomfortable with their own sexuality so they claim Morrissey is uncomfortable with his? This is a cop-out and seems to be a convenient way to dismiss all criticism. What kind of criticism is objective—enough? I know I am not projecting my feelings about myself onto Morrissey. Are the 'haters?' Perhaps some deranged haters online—somewhere are. But, I honesty don't see any of those types on this website, at all.

    And as far as trolling goes, studies have shown that the notion of the bully bullying because he hates himself and projects this hate onto his victims is erroneous. Many bullies have very high self-esteems. Are actually narcissists. Even psychopaths. They are not projecting self-hate onto others. They are toying with someone else for pleasure. For fun. Because they like it. We want to believe that all haters hate themselves and are broken in some way. Not always the case. Not even often the case.

    What does it mean when we say a person is a lover or a hater, anyhow?

    'Hater' has lost meaning from overuse and misuse. A pejorative construct. Notice how its counterpart, 'lover,' is not a pejorative term? 'Lover' is sweet and positive and conjures up things like goodness and peace and beauty—all lovely things. I prefer the term sycophant instead of lover. Because truly that is a more accurate description of the obsessive fan who is projecting, in denial, and completely subjective. I think if you are going to label some fans as haters, you must label their opposites as 'sycophants'—not lovers.

    Perception is a construct.

    I would also suggest there are more 'lovers' here than 'haters.' Way more. And, I would argue if there is any projecting going on it is coming from that camp. Some of the comments and attitudes of the 'positive obsessives' are seriously problematic and three miles from reality. Pure subjectivity. And projection. Read the, Does Moz hate his female fans? thread. And Who is Tina Dehghani? Numerous heterosexual female fans, who claim to have read Morrissey's Autobiography, exhibit a complete denial of the misogynistic and homosexual content in the book. They don't WANT to believe those things. So they don't see them. Willful ignorance. That IS projecting a worldview, sexual orientation, values, etc., onto a person—Morrissey. He is what they want him to be. Not what he says he is or shows himself to be through his actions and comments in the press. It doesn't help that Morrissey has made it easier for his American hetero female fans to remain in their delusional states now that he has edited out the 'gay' parts from his book. Should he publish a special edition for his radical feminist fans so that they too don't have to struggle with cognitive dissonance? Edit out the misogynistic tidbits? Protect your fan base by protecting your image. If there would have been as much talk of the misogyny found in Autobiography, in the reviews and press, as there was of homosexuality, you better believe those misogynist parts would also have been absent in the US edition as well. But as we all know, sexism and misogyny are so pervasive and ingrained in our culture, that some—most—can't even see these things when they are staring them in the face. See those two previously mentioned threads for evidence to back this claim.

    It is all a construct folks.

    Morrissey is a construct. His fans are constructs. I am a construct. Fandom—is a construct. Morrissey will let you see what he wants you to see. Image. Damage control. It is hilarious. And kind of sad. But... brilliant. That cannot be denied. He knows his fans all too well. He created them after all, didn't he? Morrissey constructed his own fan base. Perhaps like no other.


    Why do some of us 'fans' appear to focus more on psychoanalyzing the man rather than discussion his music? I think this has a lot to do with the fact that Moz's musical output has been slim pickings as of late. What is on offer to discuss? Not much. Certainly nothing new. Whereas we had a a 450 page book about THE MAN to dissect, analyze, speculate, critique. And all his comments in the press and statements on TTY—an endless supply of content to mull over. Of course many of us became armchair analysts. That was what we had to work with. The book revealed little about the music and much more about the person. Plus some of us are more fascinated with the persona of Moz than his music—at this point in his career. The song remains the same. How many times can we dissect a piece of music? Or lyrics? New fans can and will, of course. But for us long-term fans? Been there, done that. The music is static. The man is dynamic. Much more interesting to discuss, I think. But that is just me. Can we have both types of discussions here? I say yes, we can, and should.
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