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    Don't you agree? Smile. Think of the good things in your life, in the world. The glass is more than half full. Life is short and you only get one chance. Make it the best you can. Tell mom you love her. Give your kid(s) a hug. Call that friend you haven't spoken to in years. Say hi to a stranger. Most of all, love yourself. You ARE lovable and special.

    I see trees of green,
    red roses too.
    I see them bloom,
    for me and you.
    And I think to myself,
    what a wonderful world.

    I see skies of blue,
    And clouds of white.
    The bright blessed day,
    The dark sacred night.
    And I think to myself,
    What a wonderful world.

    The colors of the rainbow,
    So pretty in the sky.
    Are also on the faces,
    Of people going by,
    I see friends shaking hands.
    Saying, "How do you do?"
    They're really saying,
    "I love you."

    Louis Armstrong
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    I am neither vegan nor vegetarian; I eat beef. But that does not make me a monster who is incapable of feeling empathy for bulls. I do care about animal welfare. Unnecessary suffering is immoral; bullfighting is immoral; it's archaic and barbaric; it's torture porn—one step removed from the gladiatorial shows of yesteryear.

    Morrissey's new track, The Bullfighter Dies, is an anthem which cries out against this blood circus. Bullfighting is still legal in Spain, France, Mexico, and Texas. Yes, freaking Texas!

    I don't want any creature to die needlessly in a bullfighting arena. But if a matador is going to be a sadist and repeatedly stick a bull until it weakens and bleeds to near death in front of an audience of torture voyeurs, then I am going to be rooting for the bull—no ifs ands or buts.

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    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

    Posting here with the expectation that I will not be harassed, trolled, or steamrolled by idiots is insane. It's the same song and dance every time. Post; cue the trolls; fend off character assassinations that have nothing to do with the contents of my posts.

    I must be insane. Because for some reason I keep thinking that things will be different from the way they are. That I will be able to have a serious, respectful, intelligent debate with the members of Morrissey-solo without being called a C*$# or another ad hominem type of insult. This place is full of trolls, simpletons, and indifferent folks--who may or may not be simpletons. Some could be intellectuals but they cannot be bothered with debating on solo. Who could blame them? They realize the futility of it. And I too am realizing it as well. Many sharp posters have moved on. Probably posting on a different forum(s) somewhere else where the discussions are witty, sound, fair, civil, and stimulating.

    This place has become Loserville Central. No fun. All hostility. There are a few good eggs that post here. But the loudmouths are simply rotten.

    It is survival of the dumbest here. At least in Off-topic and the Pigsty. I am bored with the level of discussion. Bored with many people.

    This place has lost its luster.
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    I am having way too much fun with this online dating stuff. Just now a guy without a pic messaged me. He says: Nice selfie. How is Sedona today? I debate if I should even reply. I decide I am in 'that' kind of mood. So I do. I respond: Sedona is beautiful. Perfect weather. Where are your pics? He replies: I took them down. lol I was going to send you one but this thing wants me to web site upgrade. He must think I am a dumbass. How insulting. So, I respond: Put them back up, then send me another message. I hate excuses. Don't you? He replies: lol that's good stuff. My reply:


    I am not kidding. I really DID send him that video. :lbf:

    He writes back: wow that's funny! Close but I don't have a goatee. I reply: Prove it.

    Think he will post his pic? My guess is no. Probably married. Lonely. Wants some female attention from an attractive, intelligent woman. Guess what? That woman is NOT going to be me.

    Oops, I lied. Oh dear. He just wrote back again: I can text you a pic. I replied: Are you married?

    Where is this going, right?

    He replies: no. Now how convincing does that sound? Please. My final reply: This is a dating site. People post their pics. I can't be bothered any more. Take care. Of course he has to have the last word: ok se la vie.

    I'm sure he has already messaged another woman or two in the time it took me to type those last lines.

    It's like playing darts. Odds are if you throw a ton of darts, eventually you will hit the center. Maybe some lonely woman will appreciate being messaged by Mr. No Pic. Sad thing is, she better have a pic and one that is attractive, or my guess he won't even bother. He is the faceless hunter. But his prey? It is ALL about the face.
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    [​IMG] Pet Troll has been conspicuously absent from the forums for five days—ever since I outed him on 4/23. This is after he was trolling me non-stop, every single day, for over eight months. He is running scared. He knows that I have his real name. I have his hate emails, libelous Amazon book review which can be traced back to him, and proof he tried to hack into my Gmail account on April 21. Google now documents these things and notifies the account holder providing traceable details. It is all documented. I am sure his employer would love to hear what this git has been doing on the clock. I also have an arrest report for him.

    Let's hope he is gone for good. It pays to have perseverance.

    Pet Troll
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    Hahaha. Was just looking at my Amazon page and noticed that my print book which sells for $4.99 new, is available used, for the bargain bin price of $43.58 + $3.99 shipping.


    Who bought my book and is now trying to turn a profit on it? Wait, could it be a family member trying to sell the free copy they received from me? Hmm. Do I have any family members living in Georgia? Nope. Another mystery. So many mysteries, so little time.
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    This is my love language according to a pop psychology quiz I tool online. Iona Mink posted the link in the forums. I am not surprised at all by the results. I could have told you my type without taking the quiz.


    Because I feel loved and cherished and worthy when others use words of affirmation, I am able to connect with others emotionally and intellectually online through message board interactions, emails, chatting, texting, and conversing on the phone. And this is why I am drawn to cerebral types and wordsmiths. They are so good at communicating love and affection through words. They are also good at communication hate and displeasure as well.

    Those who derive love and show love through sensory touch, would feel a void if primarily connecting through just words. A guy who needs lots of hugs, cuddling, spooning, and hand holding in order to feel loved will be very unhappy and frustrated being with someone like me. We would be very mismatched. My lover/partner needs to know that when I tell him I love him, I mean it. And that just because I don't want to snuggle often, it does not mean I don't love him. We can get physical in bed, when we make love. But I need lots of personal space. And if you encroach on it too much you will start to appear as needy, desperate, and dog-like. Like a canine sticking his nose in my thigh to get my attention. This is one reason I hate dogs. They don't talk. They are all about physically connecting. They are extreme extroverts that annoy the piss out of me.
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    There are all kinds of people online, just as there are all kinds of people IRL. Fortunately I am able to steer clear of the psychopaths IRL. It is easy; one just avoids certain environments that they might otherwise run into one—like seedy nightclubs. Think of the film, Looking for Mr. Goodbar.



    But avoiding 'not right in the head' types online is next to impossible. Creeps gravitate towards message boards and dating sites like moths to flames. I have an internet stalker as you know: Pet Troll. He is at it again, out on the forums, in full force. He started harassing me on Solo, in the chat room under the name Morrithey back in 2004. During my hiatus, he harassed numerous other posters and was banned. But he continues to re-register names. Then gets banned again, and again. And posts anonymously when he cannot post under a registered name. I am sure most of you are familiar with this psychopath. He even harasses offsite. I have received emails from him telling me he is going to send my Solo posts to my employer. Sick stuff. He seems to know where I work, where my son works, and the addresses I have lived at in the last ten years. He has also attempted to hack into my Gmail account and written a libelous book review on which he just removed a day ago—probably because he knows it is traceable to his real account.

    Internet harassment is real folks. It is not just something that happens in films and novels. I have had firsthand experience. When I started posting again, the harassment started back up. It flourishes here because anonymous posting and freedom of speech are two maxims which are fully embraced. I respect this in many ways. I really do. It is actually part of the appeal of Solo. I benefit from these freedoms myself. And definitely utilize the freedom of speech clause to my advantage. But when freedom of speech and anonymous posting are taken to their extremes, we may see something more sinister manifest: systematic stalking. Perhaps rare—but possible on this type of forum. Solo is an enabler of this type of behavior, in other words. Please don't think I am knocking David and/or his baby. I'm not. I think he has one of the best sites on the Net. Unfortunately, it just happens to have some sick posters. He doesn't hand pick the cast of characters. There is no casting agent. Anyone and everyone is allowed on stage. The only thing that changes is the audience and the actors. The story pretty much remains the same, month after month, year after year. When one person leaves, another enters to fill their shoes. If a troll leaves (Wait, do they ever leave?), another will arrive to take his place.


    I also believe Pet Troll is currently posting under a registered name. I think—just a hunch—that he has carefully crafted a false identity.


    Could be wrong. I have been wrong before, as we all know. But I also am often right. My instincts are fine-tuned. And my reasoning abilities are sound. Haha. If I am right, however, this is the most disturbing thing I have seen online—ever. Because not only has this person been messing with innocent people who are oblivious to his deceit, but he seems to actually be delusional—almost believing his own lies. He has created a fantasy world and a new identity online. Think of the film, The Stepfather.


    When reality won't do, alter your reality. Think of the film, Catch Me if You Can.

    This guy's self-concept seems to be blurred—just like those film characters' self-concepts. His real life is not what he wishes it to be. So he has created a better life for himself—online. It is troubling. But probably not as uncommon as one might think. Ever see that TV show Catfish where people have created false identities to trick innocent people into online relationships with them? They create false Facebook profiles by stealing pics from other profiles and claiming ownership. Some even switch sexes, posing as a man, when if fact they are female. Or vice versa. Almost all of the catfish have been grossly overweight, social misfits with no regard for their victims. Psychopaths or just very maladjusted individuals? I don't know.

    Plenty Of Fish, the world's largest free online dating site, has its fair share of creepers. Already I have had to block three members from being able to send further messages. Two were pretty benign. They seemed to be just trolling for a hookup. Setting out bait, hoping someone would bite. It was not personal. But the third one was. It started out innocently enough. A few weeks back, he sent me a message, asking me where in Sedona I lived. I wrote back and told him, close to the Starbucks. He wrote back and gave me his number then stated he is rarely online. I never called. So two days ago, he wrote back with some very abusive, stalkerish remarks about me being online a lot... and have I met anyone yet? I wrote back, despite my better judgment, asking him, "If you are rarely online how could you be be privy to my browsing habits?" (Actually, I did not use the word privy. I dumbed myself down in my reply. Not sure what my actual words were as the messages have been deleted from my inbox.) He wrote back and said he checks his inbox often and noticed I was online. Hello asshole, checking your inbox is logging onto the site. Perhaps others do the same thing? Anyhow, stalker man is now blocked as well.

    Could stalker man be Pet Troll playing the role of Catfish on POF? Oh dear. What a nightmare.

    What is my point in posting this rant against trolls, creepers, and stalkers online? Well, I am suggesting that I am freaking fed up. I really am. Online life, if you can call it that, is losing its luster. I am really in need of a break from all the psycho drama and psychopaths. It is easy to leave behind. Simply don't log on. I really hate the people on Solo for the most part. The loudmouths are some of the most vile people I have ever come across. I know for a fact I am not the only one who feels this way. Not even close. They are the worst the Net has to offer. Cyber bullies. People IRL don't gang up on a person and scream profanities and insults in their face, circling them like a pack of rabid wolves while wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Or do they?


    I know of a place where bullying and stalking IS rampant IRL—elementary school playgrounds. Fortunately, like the seedy nightclubs, I can avoid those as well.


    Trolls, whether registered or posting anonymously, harass, abuse and intimidate others for the thrill of it. Why online rather than at work, at home, at school? Because essentially they are cowards and psychopaths and the Net is the perfect playground for them to get their cheap thrills. They are hard to catch online because they do it behind a veil of anonymity where there is no accountability. Plus, targets are numerous and easy prey. But most of all they behave badly online because they never suffer any consequences. It's a game called, Catch Me if You Can—I dare you. The saying, you can run but you can't hide, does not apply. They can in fact run, and can in fact hide. And they do.

    Erecting walls and having firm boundaries in place are measures one can take to safeguard against being a victim. You cannot win. No matter how clever and intelligent one is, one cannot beat them at their game. They have something that gives them the upper hand, they lack a conscience. You will lose every time. Every time. Ignore first. If that is not possible, walk away. Or run as fast as you can in the opposite direction and never look back. But make sure you have the last words: Catch me if you can, saddos!
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    A man posted this in the POF forums...

    It inspired me to write this...

    Very insightful. I am new to POF and already I am running into some stumbling blocks. I do want to meet people and am hopeful that I can even meet one special person that I can really connect with—on a cerebral level. But that is the problem right there. Most men who have messaged me are extroverts. Want to meet right away and DO SOMETHING. Being an introvert, I don't want to go do something—right away. I want to take it slow. See if there is some intellectual chemistry there. Because if not, frankly, it won't work for me—no matter how good he is in the sack. I need my mind to be stimulated as well as my bod. I want an intellectual equal, not just a spooning partner.

    I wonder if this is not the medium for me at times—because of the reasons you mentioned in your post. But then I remember it is EXACTLY my medium. The written word is where I shine. Online connecting is something I am good at. It is the in person stuff that has me feeling anxious. Not because I am shy but because I am sharing space. In-person intimacy is a different animal. I enjoy being alone too much for my own good. I just don't have the urge to merge like I did when my hormones were compelling me to get out there and get some. (Sorry to be so crude.) As I get older, I care less and less. I don't mind growing old alone. It isn't something I dread or fear at all. Sounds kind of peaceful, actually.

    I have 'introverted' listed in my profile. With the qualifier 'very', no less. Am I putting off men who steer clear of introverts? I don't think so. Because honestly, 9/10 of the men who have contacted me couldn't define introvert to save their lives. Sorry, but it is true.

    So this is my predicament. I guess I could just keep receiving and responding to messages. Or send a few out as well. Maybe one day some introverted, yet assertive, cutie will send me a message and we will click. In the meantime, no worries, no hurries. I'll continue to walk alone and that is OK by me.
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    So far POF has been a bit of a headache. I have chatted with about seventeen men in the last week or so. All initiated contact. Nine out of ten cannot spell to save their lives. Two have been blocked for sending pervy messages without pics. Perversion is OK coming from the hotties. Not OK coming from basement dwellers. I have been asked out by three different men. Not a bad batting record so far. I have read people complaining of never meeting anyone after three years of being on the site. Oh dear, if that becomes the case for me it will be because it was my choice. Maybe it is much easier for women. Though one of the whiners was female. Hmm.

    Poetry man... it was over before it even began. This exchange went sour yesterday. Turns out the man is a bit of a bigot. People don't advertise these things. And I have yet to even see a profile that lists political leanings. So it really is something you have to find out by asking questions or through chatting a bit.

    Am I really ready to DATE? Not so sure. But I am ready and willing to chat. And open to possibilities. I just don't need to get laid, or settle. Racism, sexism, ignorance, pushiness, are deal breakers. You aren't getting through the fleshy, soft gates if you can't pass through the hypothetical iron gates. There IS a price of admission. That price is brilliance. Show me your shimmer, boys. Show me your shimmer.
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    The title of my new book...

    How to Make Enemies and Distance People
    ~ Simply by Being Yourself ~

    Well, it should be anyhow. Because I do believe I am an expert on the subject. Look no further than Solo for proof. My ignore list is long, my haters list is longer, and those who generally dislike me make up the longest list.

    I basically go about things the wrong way—that is if I am trying to win friends and influence people. I don't sugarcoat, placate, pander. Well maybe a little, at first. I am friendly. Can be charming. Get along with almost everyone, in the beginning. But, inevitably, I need to be true to myself. And this is where making enemies and distancing oneself comes in.

    I am an outspoken atheist. Some, perhaps many, will take offense to my views and my tell it like I see it approach. I don't tone it down because I am afraid I will offend someone who is religious. I just don't. IRL, I work with people who are believers. I don't talk about atheism with them. They don't know what I think. I don't care what they think. Work is a professional atmosphere. I keep my personal life out of it.

    IRL, I am surrounded by people who are overweight. Do I discriminate against them? Snub them? Make fun of them? Absolutely not. I treat them and all people as my equals.

    But online... well, it is different. It is freedom. The medium allows for and almost begs one to debate, push boundaries, become fearless, put forth ideas and see how others respond. Sometimes we forget that there are real people reading our words. But maybe that is the beauty of it as well. It liberates us when we don't hold back.

    I don't go out of my way to hurt people or offend them. Well, occasionally I do, when I craft some insult. But normally I am just being myself. Expressing my raw opinions. Mainly unfiltered.

    I took the high road for several months. Censored myself—heavily. I was being encouraged to do so by someone who claimed he was all about compassion. Yet the irony of it all is that once he vacated the premises, he became known as someone who was the antithesis of compassion. Still boggles my mind. And I do wonder if he was trying to be all about compassion. But wasn't really at all, in his core. Who knows? And I am afraid I will never have the answer.

    I don't expect to be loved by anyone online. I am OK with not really even being liked. I need to be me first. If that means I am hated by all, so be it.

    Solo does not feel like the Cheers bar any longer. It did a few months ago. But that well has dried up. But honestly, was it ever overflowing with love and harmony? No, it wasn't.

    The stupidest phrase in circulation has got to be, "Can't we all just get along?" No, we can't. Especially when I am not in a diplomatic mood. I'm 90% kind, 10% bitch. I think the bitch part is what most seem to focus on and remember. I really DO polarize people.

    So here is a quick summary of my tips for making enemies and distancing people:

    Be outspoken about your atheism.
    Tell people they are choosing to be overweight.
    Be brutally honest.
    Be friendly with disliked people.
    Write intelligently, to differentiate yourself from the plebs. :rolleyes:
    Come off as arrogant and narcissistic whenever possible.
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    It has been stated that I...

    Read Salon by both Pet Troll and Saddo. FALSE. I never read Salon. I read Slate.

    Am a politically correct liberal. Actually, I am a classic liberal, not a bleeding heart, white apologist. When it comes to foreign policy, I am more inline with the hawks than the doves.

    Photoshopped my selfie pic to remove wrinkles. I did nothing whatsoever to alter that pic. It went straight from my camera to flickr to Solo. Check the exif data for proof.

    Slept with a married man. Why yes, true. Once, 26 years ago, when I was still a teenager. I felt guilty. Didn't do it again.

    Have a wrinkly neck. Why no, I don't.

    Am desperate for a boyfriend. No. Not at all. But I wouldn't mind having a charming lover who could both stimulate my mind and body.

    Was abandoned by both my ex husbands. False. I filed for divorce from the first. He did not want to divorce. The second was a mutual split.

    Am unlovable. The people that matter most to me love me very much and enjoy my company. And I love and adore them as well. Can't wait to see Future Islands with my son on the 2oth of April. He is so excited as well. Loves his mama very much.
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    Today is the tenth day in a row that I will have worked. Haven't had a day off since two Tuesdays ago. And will work through the weekend as well. I could have taken off yesterday. But I chose to work instead. I am enjoying staying busy. It keeps me out of trouble. Sort of. Well, I do have far less time to chat or fight online. Of course, I have still managed to find time to do a little of both of those things. But the busier I stay IRL, the less cyber life matters. Plus there are some obvious bonuses to working a lot. Money. Exercise—staying active rather that sitting in front of my computer. My job is very physical. Movement non-stop. I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't stand sitting still at work. I need to keep very busy. And not just mentally stimulated but physically as well. Some people need to go to the gym after work to get exercise. Not me. I get plenty of it throughout the day.

    Plenty of Fish has become boring, redundant already. Though admittedly I have not exactly been searching. I have been passive—letting them come to me. And I seem to be attracting a very distinct type. Maybe it is the type that most women attract. Because maybe there aren't too many types on POF. I just know that there is no way I would go on a date with ANY of the men I have chatted with. Well, maybe poetry man. But he lives pretty far away. It would be nice to meet someone who lives less than ten miles away. Maybe I will meet someone. But not through a dating site. I think I am going to just keep my eyes open. Maybe get involved in some activities. I could join the community rec center. Though, nothing turns me off more than a guy who works out a lot. I hate vain men. I'd like my man to be fit because he is active and doesn't over-consume. Not because he lifts weights in front of a mirror five days a week. So anyhow, I am choosing to layoff the dating sites for a while. Or at least the chatting part of the sites. I did discover the forums on POF last night. What a hoot. There is a section where people ask for profile reviews. I found it fascinating. Not only the profiles themselves but the comments. The whole back and forth is a sociological goldmine.

    Solo. Oh, I have been bad, again. After the whole Croce fiasco, I chose to stop taking the high road. When getting shot with arrows, one can run, duck, or grab the arrows with two fists and throw them back in the direction where they came from. I have chosen to throw them back. I have to admit there is some twisted fun in sparring. I'd be lying if I said I do not enjoy it to a degree. But, I think as my real life gets more complicated and filled with work and relationships, that Solo and all its characters will seem like just that, a cast of characters—interchangeable, replaceable, and forgettable. No one really seems to take it seriously (so they claim). So Neither shall I. That is the plan, anyhow. And we know that can go either way. Time will tell.
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    Some people spend the better part of their days actively thinking about and looking for love. What they want is to deeply connect with another. To have companionship. A special person to spend time with. Someone to confide in. And this is a truism found in all age groups from young teens to people in their 90s.

    And most of these folks do find love. Once. Twice. Lots of times. Many are serial monogamists—going from one relationship to another without pause or reflection. They just need that void filled quickly. Being alone is too lonely.

    Then there are a few of us who are a different kind of animal. We function best when alone. Are happiest living as solitary creatures. And thus fiercely resist merging our lives with another. Cohabitation is done out of economic necessity, if ever, but never because one wants the company of a housemate/live in lover. We are all most likely introverts. Extroverts crave social interaction. Actually seek it out like hunters. What do introverts do? Nothing. We aren't proactive about dating or finding love. We can't be bothered. We are content in our little worlds of one. We enjoy our own company more than the company of others. Doesn't mean we are misanthropes. Not at all. For I love people. I find them fascinating—to observe, and interact with. But on my terms. When I want. When I am in the mood.

    But, even the most introverted of us needs to have connections with our fellow human beings. The desire to share and express oneself and have a listener on the other end, is, I believe, universal. No one wants to only live entirely in their heads. But what someone like me wants is a mirror image, I believe. Someone very similar to ourselves. Why? Because we are terrible at compromising. And compromise is the thing one must do if one wants a partner. It is the price of admission.

    It seems I am having a very difficult time paying that price. It is just too much. I tried making a deal-breakers list:

    Passive aggressive
    Alcoholic/drug addict/smoker
    Unattractive/grossly overweight/facial hair​

    But it was not all-inclusive. There are so many more in my mind. In fact, two that I had not listed, ARE mentioned in my Plenty of Fish profile... in a not so subtle way. How is this for a stop sign?:

    If you love dogs and/or are religious or spiritual, we may clash. But I am open to chatting with anyone.​

    Or how about this, a little polemic against romantic love, that I posted out on the forum last week. Does it speak of compromise?

    I love the high of being in love. But when that fades, if there is not a friendship or deep respect for that person, I will lose interest. And that feeling of being in love lasts how long exactly? Not very long. And chances are I don't even really know or like that person very much. But I thought I 'loved' them. That is until the chemicals that bathed my brain in the delusion of love dissipate. Then I am left with someone and don't know what to do with them. I don't want to do the co-dependent thing. Not my style. I am a shark, not a swan. So I become single again. And start chasing that next high. It is about feeling good. Not about a contract. Or buying a house together. Or raising kids. Romantic love is about chemicals, like you said. And sex. Sexual attraction disguised as interest in the person and their lives.

    Love for my son and mother are different. It is not a delusion brought on by pheromones and hormones. They are real stable relationships that have become strong over time.

    I like having both. Key is to not try to make the first seem like it is of the second type.

    Sadly, I still buy into all that romantic love BS in film and books. I don't know why exactly. And it is not a good thing. Because those stories tell me there is something wrong with me because I don't want those things. Or can't have them. Or can't sustain a (co-dependent) relationship.

    I want sex and passion. But I don't want to hold your hand while we walk down the beach. We are not one. We will never be one. I am me, you are you. Stop being so clingy.

    I asked my mom recently why I can't be like everyone else--happily married for years. She said, "It's not for you. You never wanted those things. You were always so independent." She is right. And as I get older and crave sex less, I am less inclined to shack up just to get those needs met. It gets easier being a shark when your hormone levels drop. The urge to merge lessens. Thank gawd.

    That is why dating is kind of a joke for me. For what? For a long-term relationship? Someone to DO things with? I am an indoors person who loves being alone. Sex? Well he better be freaking good in bed or a hand will do the trick.​

    Do those words suggest I am wanting and willing to compromise? That I even want a relationship at all?

    And yet, I am currently interacting with seven men on POF. All of them are very sweet and considerate. But two stand out. One is a poet! We have been chatting through the construction of one long, ongoing poem. Fun! That is what I want. Fun. No compromising. No headaches.

    The other, chatted me up on day one before my profile was complete. Very handsome guy. We have been texting the last few days. But last night he sent a message after reading my updated profile. He asked, "No dogs or religion? I have a dog and am Christian." I wrote back with a snarky reply, which, WOW, I cannot copy and past here, because guess what? He just NOW deleted and blocked me. And our exchanges are now invisible. Holy cow! Here I am thinking I am the one being closed-minded. Please. Well, this gives me the out I needed, right? But truly, who ended things? I did, with my over-the-top, atheist, anti-dog mini rant/reply I sent him. I did write again, right away, however, and apologized. I am very good at apologizing. Just not always good at censoring my thoughts/opinions.

    Why is delete the way so many men seem to go? The ultimate snub. What are we in high school? I mean really. Can't you just tell the person, I think we are incompatible and should discontinue corresponding? It is so odd, especially when no stalkerish behavior has been demonstrated on my part. Just the opposite. Well, maybe that is it. His ego was bruised. Mr. Hot Stuff isn't used to someone putting on the brakes. And I can think of another example of a person who was fond of deleting. Perhaps it is all about ego. Oh, grow up already boys! This woman is looking for a man. I think. Well maybe not looking. But I definitely know I am not settling for a little boy.

    So, I guess it is the poetry man for now. Maybe we can keep things light. And poetic. If so, maybe I'll stick around. Maybe he'll stick around.
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    I just heard this song for the fist time less than an hour ago. Actually I just learned of this band, Future Islands, as well. Check out this video that was posted on Solo...

    Seasons (Waiting on You)

    Then I bought their new album, Singles, online. It's fantastic! Then...

    I bought tickets to see them in Phoenix on April 20th. Whoo-hoo!


    ^^^ Look how cheap those tickets were!

    My son has no idea he is going with me. He is still sleeping. Too early to call. He lives right around the corner from the venue. So I'll drive down Sunday afternoon after work, go to the gig, crash at David's, then drive back Monday night.

    I am so excited!

    The Crescent Ballroom