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    Sexy baritone voices. It's a primal attraction. These ten are my favorites.

    [​IMG] Eddie Vedder - Pearl Jam
    Listen to the sexiest voice on the planet!

    [​IMG] Tom Smith - Editors
    Listen to his sexy voice!

    [​IMG] Ian Curtis - Joy Division
    Listen to his hauntingly beautiful voice!

    [​IMG] Lewis Bowman - Chapel Club
    Listen to his amazing voice!

    [​IMG] Matt Berninger - The National
    Listen to his awesome voice!

    [​IMG] Michael Stipe - R.E.M.
    Listen to his fantastic voice!

    [​IMG] Morrissey - The Smiths
    Listen to his beautiful voice!

    [​IMG] Julian Casablancas - The Strokes
    Listen to his sexy voice!

    [​IMG] Neil Diamond
    Listen to his awesome voice!

    [​IMG] Jim Morrison - The Doors
    Listen to his sexy voice!

    I love these voices well:

    Harry McVeigh - White Lies
    Andrew Eldritch - Sisters of Mercy
    David Sylvian - Japan
    Peter Gabriel - Genesis
    Alex Turner - Arctic Monkeys
    Peter Murphy - Bauhaus
    Michael Gira - Swans
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    *Update September 24, 2012 ~ Just finished Mortality. It is a short book... can be read in one or two sittings. I highly recommend it to all Hitchens fans and anyone else interested in the personal dialogue that goes on in one's head when dealing with cancer and terminal illness.

    The late, great Christopher Hitchens' book, Mortality, is being published posthumously on September 4, 2012.

    [​IMG] Remember, you too are mortal—hit me at the top of my form and just as things were beginning to plateau. My two assets— my pen and my voice—and it had to be the esophagus. All along, while burning the candle at both ends, I'd been "straying into the arena of the unwell" and now "a vulgar little tumor" was evident. This alien can't want anything; if it kills me it dies but it seems very single-minded and set in its purpose. No real irony here, though. Must take absolute care not to be self-pitying or self-centered.

    "Based on his columns in Vanity Fair that chronicled his year-and-a-half battle with esophageal cancer, Mortality is Christopher Hitchens at his most honest and reflective. Thoughtfully meditating on the harrowing effects of illness and treatment on the body, and on the impermanence and acceptance of a life ending, Mortality is Hitchens' magnum opus, and in true Hitchens form, he has the last word." Source

    Publisher’s note: These fragmentary jottings, published as the last chapter of Christopher Hitchens’ new book, Mortality, were left unfinished at the time of Hitchens’ death in December. Annotations by Slate editor David Plotz.


    In her afterword to Mortality, Hitchens' widow, Carol Blue, writes of how she misses "the unpublished Hitch: the countless notes he left for me in the entryway, on my pillow, the emails he would send while we sat in different rooms in our apartment." For writers less productive than Hitchens—that is, all of us—the idea of unpublished Hitch is inconceivable. He was everywhere—on TV when he wasn't giving a speech, his latest book either just published or about to be published, the author of pieces in Slate, Vanity Fair, and theAtlantic in the same week. How could anything have gone unpublished? How could there be any stories, any jokes, any insults, any perfect Wodehouse citations that were never silver-tongued out into the world? Yet despite writing as much as he did, he left some behind, either for friends and family, or, in this case, as notes.

    Read an edited version of Carol Blue’s afterword to Mortality: Christopher Hitchens: an impossible act to follow

    Carol Blue speaks with Charlie Rose.
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    *Update September 29, 2012 ~ The Overheated, Oversexed Cult of Bikram Choudhury

    It's been a long time since I've poked fun at a group or subculture. Oh wait, I did just write a snarky piece about pretentious philosophers. Anyhow, it feels like a long time. And it has been a while since I crucified spiritualists and castigated climbers. Sometimes, it just feels good to say what you really think. There's nothing wrong with vocalizing an opinion as long as you focus on an acquired status such as one's religion, hobby, or profession, rather than an ascribed one such as their gender, sexual orientation, race, or height. You get the idea, right? So anyhow, here is my next target ~male yoga instructors.

    Actor Vince Vaughn stated, “I had a girlfriend in Los Angeles who took me to a yoga class. While it was going on I was saying to myself, ‘Is this really happening?’ It was like the instructor was making all these moves and he was basically dry humping the girls. Nobody batted an eye. I felt like I was in ‘The Twilight Zone’.” That's pretty creepy.

    And then there's SusieHulaHoop, a blogger and yoga student, who writes, "Male yoga instructors contort you into awkward positions with little or no regard for how it may affect your feminine mystique. For example last night our slightly goofy substitute instructor made us do this thing that, well, sucked air into my vagina like a freakin' bellows." Clearly that should be against the law. Hehe.

    Both of those accounts paint a grim picture of male yoga instructors. And of course there are more horror stories to be found. But what I want to focus on here is their yogarific names. Were they given these names at birth or are they pseudo names adopted once they took to the mat?

    I suppose it would be more humorous to learn that they are their actual birth names, because so many fit the image of what a yogi is all about. It's as if they were destined, because of their surnames, to teach yoga. Below is a list of some famous yogis. See if you can match the yogi to his photo. I threw in some extra pics for fun.

    1. David Life

    2. John Friend

    3. Baron Baptiste

    4. Bikram Choudhury

    5. Nico Luce

    A. [​IMG]
    B. [​IMG]
    C. [​IMG]
    D. [​IMG]
    E. [​IMG]
    F. [​IMG]
    G. [​IMG]
    H. [​IMG]
    I. [​IMG]
    J. [​IMG]

    Answers: 1F, 2H, 3C, 4D, 5I
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    After my seriously brain-draining last blog post about consciousness and other metaphysical stuff, I aim to keep this post light and ridiculously irrelevant.

    So, the London 2012 Olympics have come to a close. I can't provide much commentary on the games themselves as I only tuned into the men's and women's artistic gymnastics competitions. But as you may recall, I live-blogged the opening ceremony. For the closing ceremony, I have decided to post screen captures of my favorite visuals as seen in my BBC recorded broadcast of the ceremony.

    Here are my top ten favorite WTF? visual moments:

    Winston Churchill pops out of Big Ben—like a stripper popping out of a cake—then quotes Shakespeare.


    Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of The Pet Shop Boys perform West End Girls as they parade around the arena in bicycle pulled chariots wearing black cone shaped hats. Very advant garde.


    Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill plays as we are treated to a black and white visual montage of Olympic events from the 2012 games. Danny Boyle must have a foot fetish.


    Just a little closing reminder, in case anyone should have forgotten, the London Olympics were about Freedom, as opposed to the Beijing Olympics which were about totalitarianism. George Michael sings Freedom, of course, as the lit propaganda repeatedly scrolls along the visual marquee.


    Giant billboards with black and white images of famous fashion models are paraded around the arena while David Bowie's iconic song, Fashion, plays. Oddly, all the models are lying on their backs. Is this how they do their best work? Oh that was cruel!


    Annie Lennox reenacts a scene from the film, Titanic—a la gothic style, while singing Little Bird.


    Russel Brand enters the arena standing atop a psychedelically painted bus singing, Pure Imagination, from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He then proceeds to sing a cover of The Beatles', I am the Walrus, through a megaphone as female violinists in trippy leotards and white capes provide the music accompaniment.


    DJ Fatboy Slim spins tunes, including, Right Here, Right Now and The Rockafeller Skank from a giant neon plastic octopus while dancers in 80's style outfits shake their booties.


    The torch is passed to Brazil. Oh looks as though we may be in for a great opening ceremony come 2016.


    The Who closes the ceremony looking and sounding fantastic! Love those shoes! Great job London. Well done indeed.


    As you can see the Olympics closing ceremony can be summed up in one word: quirky.
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    I really went on a tirade in my previous blog entry--slamming Sight & Sound's Fifty Greatest Films of all time 2012 list.

    But should I really be stirring up a storm if I have not actually seen all the movies in their list? Perhaps I shouldn't. Of course, no one has seen all movies made. And so anyone who has submitted a top ten list is guilty of doing this. For how can one know if a film is worthy or not of being in a top ten list, if one hasn't actually seen the film?

    Therefore, I am on a mission to view every single film on S&S's 2012 list. I will start with the top ten, then go from there.

    For now, I have listed my top ten films. However, I may end up changing some of my selections. Maybe I shouldn't be making a list at all. I am beginning to doubt my picks. They seem so pedestrian. Could I defend them? Would I lose a debate against a film student who echos the elitist, pretentious film historians who consider their picks to be sacred cows? Those people really get under my skin. I hate snobbery and pomposity. I am more of a spokesperson for the intelligent and imaginative film buff who can appreciate a variation--both high and low brow film, and everything in between.

    Anyhow, I plan to view at least the top ten S&S films, and to have a final selection of my Top Ten Films by the end of the year. Check back for updates.

    I will post a screenshot for each of the films in my top ten list.

    My Ten Greatest Films of all time list:

    1.2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, 1968

    Memorable moment: Dave kills Hal.


    2. 8 1/2, Federico Fellini, 1963

    A visual extravaganza! ~ A feast for the eyes!


    3. Titanic, James Cameron, 1997

    Epic proportions of everything.


    4. The Silence of the Lambs, Johnathan Demme, 1991

    Characters, sound, mood, suspense!


    5. Toy Story 3, Lee Unkrich, 2010

    Huge heart!


    6. Volver, Pedro Almodóvar, 2006

    Depth, layers, characters, color, drama!


    7. Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton, 1990



    8. Requiem for a Dream, Darren Aronofsky, 2000

    Original, dark, engaging.


    9. Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino, 1994

    It's got everything and more.


    10. Some Like It Hot
    Billy Wilder, 1959

    Jack Lemmon is brilliant!


    After I view a film from the S&S list, I will assign it one to four points.

    S&S Fifty Greatest Films 2012 List:

    1. Vertigo ~ 3.5
    2. Citizen Kane ~ 3.5
    3. Tokyo Story ~ 3.5
    4. La Règle du jeu
    5. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
    6. 2001: A Space Odyssey ~ 4
    7. The Searchers ~ 3.5
    8. A Man With a Movie Camera ~ 3
    9. The Passion of Joan of Arc ~ 2
    10. 8 1/2 ~ 4
    11. Battleship Potemkin
    12. L’Atalante
    13. Breathless
    14. Apocalypse Now ~ 3.5
    15. Late Spring
    16. Au hasard Balthazar
    17. Seven Samurai
    18. Persona
    19. Mirror
    20. Singin’ in the Rain
    21. L’Avventura
    22. Le Mépris
    23. The Godfather ~ 3.5
    24. Ordet
    25. In the Mood for Love
    26. Rashomon
    27. Andrei Rublev
    28. Mulholland Dr. ~ 3
    29. Stalker
    30. Shoah
    31. The Godfather Part II ~ 3.5
    32. Taxi Driver ~ 4
    33. Bicycle Thieves
    34. The General
    35. Metropolis
    36. Psycho ~ need to view again
    37. Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
    38. Sátántangó
    39. The 400 Blows
    40. La dolce vita ~ 3.5
    41. Journey to Italy
    42. Pather Panchali
    43. Some Like It Hot ~4
    44. Gertrud
    45. Pierrot le fou
    46. Play Time
    47. Close-Up
    48. The Battle of Algiers
    49. Histoire(s) du cinéma
    50. City Lights
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    Here are some amusing quotes/statements that I shoplifted from The Skeptic's Dictionary online:

    You're codependent for sure if, when you die,
    someone else's life flashes in front of your eyes.

    Seventy-two percent of people think that we use only 10 percent of our brain capacity, which proves that 72% of people are wasting the 10% of their brain that's working.

    My Favorite Skeptic Trumps:


    Woo Table


    Larger Image

    "...I am not so much an atheist as an anti-theist. I am, in other words, not one of those unbelievers who wishes that they had faith, or that they could believe. I am, rather, someone who is delighted that there is absolutely no persuasive evidence for the existence of any of mankind's many thousands of past and present deities."

    ~ Christopher Hitchens
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    **7/21/12 ~ Update at bottom of post...
    *7/10/12 ~Update near bottom of post...

    Just as the temperatures outside reach their highs, my cultural pursuits hit all-time lows. Can it get any worse than consuming all three books in the Fifty Shades of Grey series in less than a week’s time? And if that weren’t enough, to continue the obsession by blogging about the books—twice—as if I hadn’t already spent enough time reading the texts? There was the artwork—the painting of Christian Grey. Then the pondering of the upcoming film—and who should be cast in it. There I was, hunting down photos, reading bios, checking ages, availability… silly me. I think I'm done for now. But I may have a relapse.

    But now I really know I’m playing in the lowbrow sandbox because last night I was reading the book Brangelina. This is bad on so many levels. But… the book is actually a page-turner, if you’re into that sort of thing—celebrity gossip, which I am. It’s light, mindless reading. But, there’s a little dirt involved. I like that.

    Sinking deeper, I am now watching the first season of Gossip Girl. I’m late to this mean girls party. I'm surprised I was invited at all. It’s Heathers plus Cruel Intentions on steroids. Ouch!

    Can it get any worse than this? Maybe. I hear August is even hotter than July.

    *7/10/12 Update ~ Finished Brangelina. The brand isn't even mentioned until chapter 17 out of 19. This book reveals nothing that hasn't already been written about in the press. The author is a paparazzi with a pen who suffers from ADD—unable to focus on the subject of the book. He trails off in odd directions, talking about breaking into a mental institution, attending a support group for Sibs—all with the intention of getting answers to Angelina's mysterious behaviors. None of his investigations pay off and it leaves the reader scratching her head as to why he even mentioned his efforts—unless it's all filler—which it certainly is. Don't bother with this one, unless of course you are stranded in some remote location and it is the only thing to read—which we know will never happen.

    I'm enjoying the teenage characters on Gossip Girl but could do with out the parents and their arrested development storylines. What demographic are the writers appealing to if I am the parent's age cohort, yet am more interested in the kids? Senior citizens perhaps? Do they watch this show?

    Love, love, love Blair Waldorf's bathroom window. Jealous.


    Haven't thought about Christian Grey for days. I think he was just a passing fancy. Aren't they all?

    *7/10/12 Update ~ Just finished seasons one through five of Gossip Girl. Talk about binge watching! The show definitely has its charms i.e. the setting, the clothing, and the delightfully manipulative, socially ambitious, love-hungry characters.

    My faves are Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, and Dan Humphrey.


    I could do without Serena, Jenny, and Eric. They're all whiny, brainless, and self-absorbed--in an irritating way. Fortunately, two of them are no longer full time cast members. Too bad Serena is still around.
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    I am going to play casting director and post my picks for who I think should play the characters in the soon to be made film adaptation of the book Fifty Shades of Grey. The list is ongoing and subject to change.

    Christian Grey: Alex Pettyfer


    Why? He's the hottest young actor out there right now. He has Christian's chiseled, gorgeous face, his lean, muscular bod, his generous height, and his messy hair. Plus he is fairly new on the scene and would be able to devote a few years to the series—unlike a megastar like Ryan Gosling, who otherwise would have been my choice to play Fifty. (If by some miracle Gosling is cast as Christian Grey, my list will need to be revised.) I think with the right effort and attitude (Pettyfer has a diva rep, but, Christian is a bit of a diva himself.) he could pull off Mr. Grey's American accent and mercurial disposition. Pettyfer can currently be seen in the 2012 film Magic Mike.

    Anastasia Steele: Lily Collins


    Why? She's young, beautiful and can act. Also, she can pull off innocence as well as feistiness. She recently played Snow White in the 2012 film Mirror Mirror.

    Mrs. Robinson (Elena Lincoln): Cara Buono


    Why? She has the looks of Elena and the acting chops to play this villainous vixen. You may remember her as Dr. Faye Miller from Mad Men.

    Kate Kavanagh: Shailene Woodley


    Why? Kate is a strong character, thus, a strong actress is needed to fill her shoes. Plus she has Kate's long, beautiful hair and lovely face. You may recall having seen her as Alexandra in The Descendents (2011).

    Jose Rodriguez: Diego Boneta


    Why? He's not only a hottie, but he is adorable and likable as well—just like Jose. Boneta can currently be seen in the 2012 film Rock of Ages.

    Jack Hyde: Samuel Page


    Why? He is charming and good looking but also plays evil so well. You may remember him from Desperate Housewives and Mad Men.

    Leila: Emily Browning


    Why? She has that ethereal thing down pat. Not convinced? Check her out in Sleeping Beauty (2011).

    Mia Grey: Ronan Saoirse


    Why? She is cute and engaging and is a fine young actress. You may have seen her in Atonement (2007) and Hanna (2011).

    Jason Taylor: Channing Tatum


    Why? He has the bodyguard bod and rugged good looks of Jason's. Plus he is a charming and talented actor. You can see him strut his stuff in Magic Mike (2012).

    Ethan Kavanagh: Chace Crawford


    Why? He has Ethan's good looks, charm, and playful personality. Plus the gurrrls love him! You can see him in the television show Gossip Girl.

    I can only post up to ten images per entry, so I have provided links to images for the remaining cast picks.

    Elliot Grey: Armie Hammer

    Why? He's handsome, charming, and a great actor. Plus he can be playful just like Elliot. You may have seen him in Mirror Mirror (2012) and The Social Network (2010).

    Carrick Grey: Christian Bale

    Why? Why not?! Yes he is a little young to play Christian's father. But Bale is a chameleon. With a little help from the makeup department, he would be perfect. Plus, being that Fifty Shades is a BDSM themed story, a cameo from American Psycho's Bale would be a real treat. I know that his megastar status might keep him from accepting a low paying, supportive role, but here's hoping. You have probably seen him in several films, including Batman Begins (2005.)

    Dr. Flynn: Bret Easton Ellis

    Why? OK, so he is not an actor. He is, however, obsessed with the Fifty Shades series and has been campaigning on the Internet to get the rights to pen the screenplay for the first film. As the author of American Psycho, he has shown that he is knowledgeable regarding the subject matter. So if he doesn't get to write the screenplay, allowing him to be in the film seems like a cool thing to do. I'm sure an acting coach could do wonders for Ellis.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyn-Grey: Tilda Swinton

    Why? Did you see the 2011 film We Need to Talk About Kevin? Was she the ultimate mother to a damaged child, or what? Plus she is a brilliant actress and could pull off any role, I'm certain.

    Gail Jones: Christina Hendricks

    Why? She can play nurturing and sexy equally. Remember, Gail is the love interest of Jason Taylor, so the actress playing this role needs to be attractive. Christina is that! You can see her in Mad Men.

    Mr. Rodriguez: Antonio Banderas

    Why? He would be great as the elder Rodriguez. He is handsome, charming, and can act. Did you see him in the 2011 film The Skin I live in?

    Carla May Wilks (Ana's Mother): Diane Lane

    Why? She is a likable, versatile, and seasoned actress. She can be seen in Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) and the upcoming film Man of Steel (2013). (Mom of Steele, haha.)

    Raymond Steele: John Cusack

    Why? Oh, wouldn't you love to see him onscreen again in a lovable role? Remember him in Say Anything (1989)?
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    If I had to choose one word to describe Eddie Vedder that captures his spirit during the early days of Pearl Jam, circa 1991-1994, I would pick Intense. I hope that this intensity is captured in my latest painting of him.

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    Album Covers ~ My Paintings Inspired by Photos

    Entire Set


    Jimi Hendrix ~ Experience Hendrix


    The Eagles ~ Hotel California


    Bob Marley ~ Legend


    Blind Melon


    New Order ~ Power, Corruption and Lies


    The Doors


    The Cure ~ Standing on a Beach, The Singles


    U2 ~ War


    Eddie Vedder ~ Ukulele Songs


    Jim Morrison ~ The Best of The Doors
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    From top left to right:

    Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

    Jeff Lewis from Bravo Channel's Flipping Out

    Young Morrissey

    Banksy original

    German film director, Werner Herzog

    Young Christopher Hitchens, Oxford days

    Eddie Vedder, promo for Ukulele Songs

    Actor Ryan Gosling

    Page from Keanu Reeves' poetry/art book Ode to Happiness

    My son David skateboarding in Flagstaff, AZ
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    My New Passion







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    James Franco thinks he's a thinker too. Who would have thunk?


    Franco The Thinker
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    The Statue of Franco




    See How I Did It
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    It's James Franco's time to shine. It's his weekend. This Sunday, February 27th, he will be hosting the 83rd Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway. It should be a great show. And, he is up for Best Actor for his outstanding performance as Aron Ralston in 127 Hours. What an accomplished man--and very busy as well.

    I bet he is in LA, right now, putting the final touches on his Oscar performance with Anne. While he's been prepping for that, I have been preparing as well. Because he'll be giving it his all, I thought I should too. I present to you my Franco Art. I have already posted Franco the Renaissance Man and Franco the Wizard of Oz. Here are the rest of my Digital Creations. You may think that I am obsessed with James Franco. To that I reply, you are correct! My Franco Fever may or may not pass. Only time will tell.

    I will continue to update this post as I add new images.

    The Franco Award ~ Renaissance Man of the Year



    The Franco ~ Renaissance Man of the Year Award


    The Franco ~ Renaissance Woman of the Year Award


    The Franco ~ Free Thinker of the Year Award

    See how I did it

    Franco The Thinker




    See how I did it

    Franco Cologne


    Franco Cologne ~ Pour Tous
    Fragrance for Everyone & Anywhere ~ By James Franco


    Franco Cologne ~ Pour Homme
    Fragrance for Men ~ By James Franco


    Franco Cologne ~ Pour Lui
    Fragrance for Women ~ By James Franco

    See how I did it