You'll Be Gone

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Name You'll Be Gone
Album/single Low In High School (Deluxe Edition)
Length 2:33
Writer/composer R. West / Elvis Presley / Charles Hodge
Recorded Live at Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith, September 21, 2015


Original version by Elvis Presley from the movie soundtrack "Girl Happy" (1965), covered by Morrissey live in concert.


Sweetheart we're alone and you are mine
Let's make this night a night to remember
Don't make our love a cold dying ember
For with the dawn, you'll be gone

Hold me close in your arms as the night withers away
Let's not waste one precious kiss while we're together
Oh please, come to my arms and say you'll love me forever
For with the dawn, you'll be gone

Sweetheart when you're near my heart is aflame
Your lips pressed on mine is heaven descending
And I could die because it is ending
For with the dawn, you'll be gone

Let these passions we feel in our hearts never end
I could never share this feeling with another
Oh please, say that you feel the same knowing no other
For with the dawn, you'll be gone, for with the dawn, you'll be gone
For with the dawn, you'll be gone, for with the dawn, you'll be gone

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(Indianapolis pressing) Black label, dog on top. 45 RPM on two lines. On the DO THE CLAM side, (from the MGM Film "Girl happy" a Joe Pasternak prod.) on one line. Song credits on separate line. With The Jordanaires is on own line. On the YOU'LL BE GONE SIDE, BMI on own line. On both sides, the "W" and "T" in With The Jordanaires is capitalized.


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"You'll Be Gone" is a song recorded by Elvis Presley and published by Elvis Presley Music and released in 1965 on the Girl Happy soundtrack album and as a 45 single. The song was recorded in 1962 and was one of very few which Presley was involved in writing; his co-writers were his bodyguard Red West and Charlie Hodge. The other song that Elvis Presley composed was "That's Someone You Never Forget" in 1961 with Red West, which was on the Pot Luck LP released in 1962. The song was recorded on Sunday, March 18, 1962, at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee.

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