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AKA: Dianna St. Hilaire.
Contributed a cover version of What Difference Does It Make? to Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before: A Tribute To The Smiths (2007).

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Dianna Marie St. Hilaire, better known as Opāru, is an American actor, singer and composer from Los Angeles, California. She was born in Modesto, California and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her genre is Dark Electro Pop, Pop, and Ethereal. Teaching herself how to read music and play the piano at age 8, she spent most of her younger years in school choirs and friends bands. She temporarily gave up the idea of pursuing music, but began to write again at age 18 after leaving home. In 2001 she was in the movie Lockdown. Actress Dianna St. Hilaire, created Versailles Suicide in 2001 and later changed the name in 2003 to Versailles. In 2015 St. Hilaire started a new project Opāru, the name derived from the Japanese name of the birthstone opal.