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MR: The tours, legs, tour template and basic band is uploaded. Also updated some of the basic live radio/tv appearances to make it remove the Morrissey specific stuff. Needs band clean-up and actual tour posters (album posters used instead).


Skylarker started adding his data into the tour dates. Adding my reply here for further input:

Yes, the page creation and section look good, thanks. I think having a set list with the song list in the live recordings section may be a bit redundant. Maybe just note the differences between the actual set list and the recording as you have done in some of the descriptions. For now since there aren't set lists for a lot of shows it's probably fine to leave them there until the actual ones are entered.

I think the idea also is after adding the bootleg info, add to the recordings page of the tour that it's available. For example for the shows in 1985, you can change "Available/Not Available" to "Available". Ideally there is a more automated way to handle that

I think the better people to answer are MR or VH, so it's best to ask on the 'discussion' tab that's on each page as we have been doing. Especially once it goes live and there are many contributors it would be best to make the questions public so others will also see it and possibly answer or see that it's been answered. Check the recent changes page often to see if anyone added any discussion and to see the latest wiki changes.

MR: The Smiths set lists are all done. Update: for real this time