Statement from Morrissey - (July 14, 2009)

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Rimini cancellations & another disassociation with regards to social media accounts.


Statement from Morrissey:

The two Rimini concerts were cancelled for production reasons. Put simply, the venue could not accommodate our PA system or lights, etc. The concerts are not cancelled due to health problems. I understand that another venue is being sought, but as yet I know no more than that. I would like to stress once again that I have no association with the sites called Twitter, FaceBook, myspace, flickr, or MorrisseySoLow - so therefore anything written on these sites is not in my name or by my hand. The site called itsmorrisseysworld is designed by and controlled by Universal Music Group. Thanks in advance to everyone who will be in London this week.

MORRISSEY, July the 14th.

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